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Revolutionary Soft-body Physics In Cryengine3


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  1. Yeah I know it’s nearly done but I think it would be cool to just add that realism to the game. Just thought it’d be a cool idea because sometimes in GTA4 I just like to drive around and smash cars up lol

  2. Won’t happen sadly, and for more reasons than one; first, and foremost, GTA 5 is almost finished, so it is to late. Second, it would be very hard to play the game because if you hit a light pole at 30mph you are done for. Third, this is still a very early work in progress, the first „version“ (Rigs of Rods) has slowly progressed for around 6 years. Would be cool though.

  3. Read the FAQ on the website,
    „Our physics are precisely tuned to match real life vehicle behavior. The „jelly car“ impression results from the viewer’s lack of understanding of vehicular physics, not our physics.“

  4. It’s revolutionary because it’s the best damage model out there. And no, it’s not just a car with a load of springs on it, it’s a car made out of lots of nodes & beams to make perfect deformation. If your not going to say something nice, or give suggestions & constructive critizisim, just don’t say anything.

  5. Yes I agree, mods are brilliant, but for me the most effective are those on entertaining games. BF2 and Minecraft are brill even without mods, Crysis 2 is still arse in my opinion.

  6. Thanks for not being unkind re: my ignorance. Nearly 2 million people get how cool it is. Believe it or not, I still don’t 100% get it! I thought in games many things were real time (clearly not a gamer). I mention this not to be more vulnerable to people writing I’m an idiot for not getting it, but so you know even some fairly sophisticated not super-dumm people might not know enough to fully appreciate how awesome this is–in terms of marketing, VC, that kinda thing. Good luck and congrats!

  7. I can totally see this being used in accident investigations… Would totally cut out shutting the highway down, just to guess at how fast some drunk asshole was driving… Of course from what I see, the accident would have to be between two 95 ford trucks…

  8. great physics and deformation demonstration. I couldn’t help but notice the interesting architectures of the banked inclines however. Very nice ^3^ I’ll draw them in my sketchbook, maybe for future references.

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