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Ea Crysis 3 Official Announce Gameplay Trailer (hd)


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  1. how the fuck is prophet the main character in the third game if he blew his brains out in the second and you played as a completely different charcter…. wtffffff this isn’t a M. knight smalamadingdong moviee crytek

  2. Its gonna be a little hard but let me explain. So yes u play as Alcatraz in the 2nd game prophet blows his brains out and hands Alcatraz the suit. Throught the whole game u keep hearing a voice saying stuff like ¨Get off of ur ass soldier, nows not the time to die!¨ or u get little flashbacks. The reason is that Prophet without knowing made a link to the suit with his DNA so know its Alcatraz, Prophet in the suit all in 1 guy who actually is Alcatra. Hope this helped. 🙂

  3. Don’t forget that Crysis Warhead was released a year after Crysis was.
    They changed everything in Crysis 2, and I doubt they went to work on it right after Warhead came out.
    Crysis 3 story was ALREADY mapped out before Crysis 2 was EVEN released, which means they must of already started on the game when Crysis 2 was released.
    And no not 2012 Crysis 3 is coming out spring 2013.
    They don’t need to wait for new consoles that will take a few more years to be released.

  4. How is an HD game the dark ages? The graphics are still beautiful, and there a new story, get over yourself twerp, go play COD or something if you don’t like it.

  5. there is actually a lot more, you see one trailer and call that the whole fucking story? go to crysis dot com and click „story“ or what ever it’s called in the crysis 3 tab then read it all.

  6. it’s a very powerful bow, with custom arrow heads ex. explosives or fire. it also enables you to shoot will cloaked which adds to the stealth and hunter theme, even now bows can sometimes be more effective than a gun.

  7. LOL no bf3 looks like a cartoon compared to crysis, and it looks like a stick figure animation compared to crysis 3. just a joke though both crysis and crysis 3 look a lot better.

  8. Crysis 1 does not look that good. I don’t understand where you people get this stuff. I have seen it at max settings, its really, truly, not that good.

  9. I’m pissed at this trailer. It looks just like a expansion of Crysis 2! Nothing new except the bow and environment and the alien weapon but no new gameplay mechanics. I really hope their doing something new…

  10. Oh, I thought Crysis is NOT for kiddies.
    Seemly, I was wrong – according to your post. 😛
    Becasue adults can play in a way, where the enemies die – not the player.

  11. Without vehicles and according to the footage, C3 is not a complex game anymore.
    You just hop from supreme graphic stone to supreme graphic ladder and kill bored a lot of enemies, like 20 years before.
    Further you die fast in Cod & co because of you got no super-suit.
    If you want to survive, you have to play well & hunt for cover.
    With the super-suit you can stand there around like Rambo and shoot with Rambo-Bow a lot of enemies, while your super-suit is protecting you.
    So C is MUCH less complex

  12. well crysis 2 didnt have many vehicles either, but that was still a very fun game, even crisis and crysis warhead had like 2 choices of vehicles. only crysis wars had a lot of vehicles to chose from. however all of the previous games i listed i found extremely fun, even COD is fun to an extent. i do prefer games like battlefield 3, but i can find enjoyment from just about any game that isnt the definition of shit, i think this is how all gamers should see video games.

  13. The idea of combining the city and the jungle is great, love the look of the bow hopefully this game will be double as good as crysis 1 & 2. I didn’t expect there to be an annoucement and a trailer for this game for a while yet but still it most likely won’t be out till next year.

  14. you know i’m really sick of this whole crap of comparing every shooter to COD. seriously it seems any shooter 3rd person or 1st person has to compared to some guy said that crysis was like COD because PROFIT was running around stealth killing people; now i realize that he could have been trollin‘ & rollin‘, but still give it a rest, just because you like COD doesn’t mean you have to compare every game with it and vise versa.

  15. WTF EA has published great games BattleField, Medal of Honor, Crysis, Need For Speed and all the sports games. But EA doesn’t create the games. They just share ideas with other company’s who created BF, MOH or Crysis. But these games are created by different People/engine. Of course MOH and BF use the same engine because of EA. But Crysis is fucking awesome don’t let EA make you think that this game is gay.

  16. My only concern is that I don’t see too many changes (besides new weapons) from Crysis 2, and selling the same game with a different number is what ruined Modern Warfare.

    But then again, I was skeptical about Crysis 2 as well, and ended up loving every second of that game.

  17. @vaderfication that is a good question. I mean New York was destroyed pretty badly but I remember watching the aliens get destroyed after you interact with the spores.

  18. I love Crysis cinematic trailers because you can actually expect the graphics in-game to be the same as the trailer graphics, rather than most games that release a cinematic trailer that looks awesome but then the gameplay looks like the sims.

  19. oh look, a retarded cod fan-boy troll with the mental capacity of a 6 year old. this trailer was released before blackops 2 trailer, and they have been working on crysis 3 before balckops 1 was even released. you are an idiot.

  20. sure graphics are amazing but what about story,writing,gameplay and overall content?
    becasue crysis 2 had only amazing graphics and nothing else

  21. Chill out guys a new engine costs money, too! You dont get a new engine for free. I’m going to buy it. Because of it is crysis and cryengine 3 😉 but it would be great if they make it a lil bit better on consoles than crysis 2!

  22. if you had fallowed the comic, *SPOLIER* Nomad died to save profet and pshyco AND I AM SO FUCKING PISSED TAHT THEY KILLED HIM! they better bring back pshyco in the 3rd one

  23. You mean THIS:
    Holy shit!
    Finally we found the RIGHT Crysis3 trailer with all the vehicles, super action and epic maps with just a hell of great playing…
    Ok, ok – it´s cod and against that the real C3 trailer looks like made by a small kiddy with the editor.
    Please, WHO should play with Kindergarten Aliens in kind a Cod gameplay, if he could get the whole gameplay-hell with Cod-BO2 for ADULTS..?
    Btw.: Don´t think, the Turok bow can beat that. COD has ALLLLL!

  24. the jungle atmosphere looked amazing in crysis 1… soo this is gonna be amazing I hope they bring back the customization from crysis 1.. where you could attach any scope on any gun ( the sniper scope on the MXP8 ) that was my only problem with crysis 2 but yeah.. cannot wait for this and farcry 3.. damn crytek has been busy!!

  25. it has to say „actual game footage“ in the trailer because it might confuse some people with real life…graphics with crytek 3 engine are remarkable

  26. Cryengine 3 is the best engine in the world, but Crysis 2+3 are one of the biggest disappointments in gaming history. Never buying another ‚Crysis’ game again, EA tries to coax you in with preorders, but only delivers a @#$% game with @#$% AI and @#$%^#$^ graphics while butchering the originals entire cast and story.

  27. I beat Crysis 2 and i actually enjoyed it. The thing i liked about it was the whole evacuation thing and saving civilians. I dont know about this one though. I was hoping the next one would take place in a different city.

  28. i don’t care what know one says crysis 2 had to be one of the most awesome online shooters i ever played. highly underated people were to busy with cod games to actually give it a try. cant wait till this comes out all your gonna hear in my room when it comes out is cloak engaged….cloak engaged….maximum armor… maximum armor good times good times XD

  29. Just fools think they have to get every week a new pc.
    I changed one year ago the pc to a super-machine that can handle Arma2 with ease.
    Crysis2 for sure, too.
    All works nice and I can edit whole big wars with x exploding and hunting NPCs.
    If your machine can handle Arma2+Crysis, it can handle ALL o the game market.
    There is no need to buy a new computer or ANY new hardware.
    Arma2 is partly photo-realistic. I could „sell“ the footage as cnn-clip on youtube after after-efects editing.

  30. Even Cod:BO2 doesn´t reach Arma2 or Crysis. Most games cannot reach Arma2 or Crysis.
    That´s logical. Mega graphics mean less gamer. So nearly no game-company dare to make ultra top games.
    A lot of new games have not the graphics-quality, that is possible since A2.
    It will last for a very long time that this may change.
    That is because of the mass of gamers / buyers just don´t have mega pc hardware. When this has changed…looonng time…you will need a new pc. 😛
    Andd not a day sooner! 😛

  31. anyone know any info on the pc specs? crysis 1 and 2 run awesome on my pc but im starting to think im gonna have to upgrade it for this game. looks beautiful.

  32. Really? Did CoD turn into a Singleplayer based sandbox shooter? Does CoD have aliens? I wish i had the CoD that youre talking about, oh right there is none.

  33. same gameplay? same hud? same graphics? oh wait youre 12 you cant remember the original games. i still can’t stop laughing though. how the hell does someone have the nerve to say they have the same graphics? lmao

  34. So when this gets released is Crytek going to ignore the problems with the multiplayer like they did the last time? I’m not expecting the graphics to be better. How the hell would they do that? Please Crytek make sure the multiplayer works right. I’m not buying it until A. i know the multiplayer works right. or B. The price drops really low. The single player in 1 and 2 is awesome but i want the whole game to work. Don’t just suck off PC users!

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