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Sweet Brown – Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That (autotune Remix)


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  1. Lol not even mad, a little upset at how nieve you are, but nowhere near mad. Actually I am pretty happy I could tell you about my day if you’d like.

    Lesson learned here: Dont try to troll a troll. 

  2. So wait, theres human jesus who died for my sins? And then theres the raptor jesus too, who died for them as well? He died before I was alive so theres 1 hole in the bible, theres 2 cretures who died for our sins, whats the need for 2, isnt 1 enough? Hole number 2. And who is to say some nutjob didnt write this book, plenty of them bc…so fuck off Ill do what you call sinning all day and show no respect simply because fools like you believe such a story. Lets be smarter people, „agnostic“!!

  3. ┏━━━┓

  4. когда-нибудь я перестану это смотреть, а пока… „Ain’t nobody got time, ain’t nobody got time
    Ain’t nobody got time for that“

  5. This video proves how talented most pop singers really are… All they have to do is sing what is given to them (since most don’t write their own music) and it’s up to the engineers to make these artists look like musical geniuses… Notice the pitch correction, harmonies, added and a nice beat on top of it all… These pop singers are just good for the image

  6. Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That(x2)
    Ain’t Nobody Got Time(x3) for That ((repeat first verse x3 times))
    Well I woke up to go get me a Cold Pop, then I thought somebody was Barbecuing (repeat word x2 more times) I said Oh Lord Jesus it’s a fire, then I ran out, I didn’t grab no shoes or nuthin Jesus, I ran for my life
    (first verse repeats x2)
    Said Oh Lord Jesus, it’s a fire (x3)
    Jesus (x3) It’s a fire
    Said Oh Lord Jesus, it’s a fire (x3)
    (First Verse x2)

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