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Rammstein Sonne (cover) – Children Medieval Band


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  1. Amazing at the age they are!!! Multilingual, multi skilled musically!! In five years if they aren’t BIGGER than Justine Beaver, and the rest of the talentless karaoke clones il become a monk!!! PS;;; Elmo is just another word for being „GAY“ !!! they shouldn’t bow to stereotypes !!! There to good for that…

  2. I can’t imagine why anyone would say anything bad about this video, but that’s youtube. Regardless, this was awesome. My wife, son and I are all musicians and perform together; nothing better than family jammin. And the little girl hitting the drum with a turkey leg is amazing. Great job!

  3. I’m a huge Rammstein fan and i’m REALLY impressed. Kids are obviously talented as hell, playing Rammstein’s complex arrangements. I know experienced, adult musicians that have tried to cover Rammstein and have failed miserably. The kids are gonna be superstars someday.

  4. Yes! So good to see kids passionate about music as well! 🙂 (Goodness that makes me sound ancient… I’m only 22!) 🙂

    Well done you three! Awesome!

  5. I loved your video! I prefer your version to Rammstein. They sound too polished and not as interesting. Drummer girl..WOW, you rock! Piano girl, your keyboards were lovely and so perfectly creepy! Guitar boy, your electric guitar playing is awesome and I loved the way you sang this one, again perfectly creepy. Loved the pose at the end. This is def your style of music. Do more creepy stuff ! You are my new fav, Keep rockin!

  6. Rammstein aren’t NAZIs. As someone who has had family killed by NAZIs, I find your comment wholly ignorant and idiotic. Do some research before throwing out such baseless and harmful accusations.

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