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Titanic 100 – New Cgi Of How Titanic Sank


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  1. um actually some ice do sink.. The sole reason why they do not sink is due trapped air. Polar iceberg do not form these bubbles as imperfections are removed due to slow freezing (thus clearer and solid ice are formed). However, Icebergs as a whole floats while if broken to species they sink. The reason why the entire iceberg floats is still a scientific debate.
    I dont know if they purposely made the ice sink or if it was a mistake, but some ice do sink..

  2. I am amazed how scientist and archaeologists nowadays can make a very accurate computer reconstruction of the Titanic disaster and even mapped the whole area and the surroundings of the wreckage also there are alot of subs diving to study it further. The wreckage held alot of mysteries but thanks to these people and people like mr Cameron alot of it has been revealed and studied in detail.

  3. OMG 0:06 Lets put this to bed, 0.10 good, 0.21 pretty good, 1.10 good, 1.15 yeak boom boom, 1.19 good, 2.16 yeah boom, 2.34 BADDA BING BADDA BOOM from a man who’s millions fron the tradegy!

  4. „It hit an Iceberg.“ You can’t be that shallow. What if people said, „What causes fire?“, and they simply said, „Rubbing sticks.“ We have to know every detail so it won’t happen again.

    As for the „bada bing bada boom“ comment, I believe that he said it because it’s finally figured out, and those souls can rest now.

  5. i dont agree with this theory. this one has it breaking on the 3rd funnel. it you look at the wreck, the base is on the bow not on the stern. and survivor accounts confirmed that titanic’s stern went upright almost vertical before descending . it didnt just pull it self under straight away. i reckon he should have stayed with the movie

  6. I’m probably asking a stupid question: What did he mean by “imploding“? What does “to implode“ mean? Is it like the opposite of exploding? Does it have something to do with the big air bubble there probably was inside the ship?

  7. Check out several channels with a TITANIC tribute…lined up on my own channel Freayured page….clik on „LibranEsq“ here below this comment for cool shipwreck videos from all over the globe..

  8. I like how they do it so casually, when this was such a tragedy back then. Wait until 2112, when they’re like, „Yep, airplane goes in at a 90 degree angle, implodes the first tower, that looks good, and yeah, boom.“

  9. Keep the memory alive. So that we never forget. With this message I try to pay tribute to all the people that passed away in this tragical event, and the people they left behind.
    Also big respect too Felix Maginn for this brilliant song!
    Thumbs to keep this comment up. So that we never forget.

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  12. Note to National Geographic: You’ve made a huge typo in the description for the series, it says: Considered unsinkable, Titanic served as a luxury ocean liner for over 2,000 passengers and crew. On April 15, 2012, it sank in just over two and a half hours after colliding with an iceberg. It should say ‚On April 15, 1912, it sank….‘

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  14. According to Colonel Archibald Gracie, who was one of the last people on the Titanic, it did not break while sinking. He also quoted other eye witnesses that confirmed that it went down intact. It was more likely that it broke while hitting the ground. So, stop spreading your movie myths and lies, Mr Cameroon!

  15. I agree with about 80% of this animation. I feel that the breakup still is off though. Cameron always shows the break up being a clean break, however structures don’t tend to break as cleanly as he shows in his animations. Also the breakup being in front of the 3rd funnel seems a bit wrong to me. I feel like maybe part of the breakup could have been in front of it but I think there would have been more tearing behind it as well. Like I said the break in this animation seems much too clean.

  16. It couldnt have broken upon impact with the sea floor. Why do I say this, because it would have been impossible for both the bow and stern to drift that far apart from eachother. They are looking at mass points in the ship, stress fractures can tell a story of how the parts broke. 

  17. I have always thought the Titanic was a complete mystery, but to see this version of the sinking is very interesting, though the survivors say it was nearly perpendicular when she sank, this is completely different, I guess, weight never know what actually happened

  18. I have always thought the Titanic was a complete mystery, but to see this version of the sinking is very interesting, though the survivors say it was nearly perpendicular when she sank, this is completely different, I guess, weight never know what actually happened

  19. It’s not sadder than our present day orrogance. Our present day technology creates enviroments that challenge nature and fate. Look at the Challenger disaster. It was our moden day Titanic.

  20. ‚Oh and yeah that looks about right that’s supposed to- yeah bits breaking off now yeah that lo- that looks good, alright now yeah boom! perfect, at that- yeah at that angle that looks right…‘


  22. Wow you don’t know much do you? The Titanic was discovered in 85 and returned to many times over the years. I don’t think this portrayal of the sinking is correct. There is another video somewhere of it that makes a lot more sense than this one

  23. Hmm, así que descojonándose de vídeos en donde apalean a los maricas, eh? Que les jodan a esos maricones asquerosos, eh?
    Típico de la basura homófoba, odiar a quien nada te ha hecho XD

  24. You bet! In the full documentary, Cameron makes a great analogy that is worth pondering. If you get a chance, while riding in a car, try driving fast and holding a deck of cards out the window, with back of hand facing the oncoming wind. It’s easy to hold the deck doing this (like the bow, shielding inner contents). Next, try to hold the cards with the cards facing the oncoming wind; it becomes tough to hold it together, as the cards will want to fly apart (same concept with sinking stern).

  25. Omg ! tommorow is the 100th day of the titanic sinking down when they started and when they crashed in the ice burgh 🙂 it scraped the side then the bullets broke off and water sank

  26. I didnt find it though, mostly because of the narrator, hes using his, „instruct how to land a plane voice“, not his „describe final hours of sinking ship where over a thousand people died“.

  27. sad that the titanic was sunk by a wide range of human error. The Bridge crew slowed down into a turn rather than speeding up, which wouldve turned the boat faster, they didnt give the watch binoculars, they ignored iceberg warnings, ect. Sucks…

  28. He’s got it all wrong. I was on the Titanic, and Rose and I both made it into a life boat. Your friiend, Jack.— Actually there was a midshipmen on the Titanic named Jack Dawson, he just wasn’t a member of this crew at that time. He was just going to America. Sorry for Jack and all the people that didn’t make it. This whole disaster would not of happened if they had taken a more southernly route out of iceburg waters acrose the ocean and ran her at normal speed.

  29. I actually just heard Bob Ballard, the guy who found the wreck back in the ’80s explain this at a National Geographic event. In water as deep as that which the Titanic sank in, there is a point at which there is little to no calcium left in the water. The Titanic and the bodies of those that perished sunk far below this point. The lack of calcium in the water caused the bones to dissolve within five years.

  30. The first part of my post and „Jack“ in the second part is a joke on the movie, not the ones that perished. Mr. Joseph Dawson, 23, from Dublin, Ireland came to Southampton to look for work. He joined the Titanic as a Trimmer and perished in the sinking. His body was recovered (#227) and he was buried in Fairview Lawn Cemetery, Halifax, N.S. on 8 May 1912. He supposedly pinned his info on before the ship sank. On his tombstone, it says J. Dawson. People thought it meant James.

  31. „Yeah, that looks right. Yup 9 degrees….“ Wish I had a time machine to send Mr. Expert to experience the sinking first-hand. As a man in third-class, I suspect his smugness would wear out pretty damn quick.

  32. @absently84 james cameron would not be in 3rd class, he directed the two highest grossing films of all time. He is worth $300 million in todays money and could have probs been able to buy the whole ship back then you ignorant fool.

  33. It’s so weird to have James Cameron describe it like this when he didn’t portray it like that in his film…at 1.10 the angle/tilt of the ship is much lower than in the film

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