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BAE Electromagnetic Railgun


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  1. who wants to have somethingl ike this, this is horrible. it costs millions of dollars and its only purpose is destruction and death…. and even therefore it would suck caus it can only be fired on one spot in one direktion

  2. Lol. The weapons developed 20 years ago can annihilate anything today or in the forseable future. Whats the point of this gun except to be awesome?…..and to fight aliens…..

  3. @TheJaparican
    >We’re already powerful
    Only BECAUSE they are researching weapons like this. Keeping at the edge of tech to get ahead. Just take a look at DARPA. Projects like MAHEM, those are the ones which are ahead.
    >Poverty Kings
    Makes no sense
    (Also, this gun was made by a British company. BAE. British Aeronautical Engineering.)

  4. @definty It’s caused by the speed of the object and, possibly, by the sheer amount of electricity involved. Remember, oxygen is a combustible gas. With enough heat, the air itself can burn.

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