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Brian Cox – Everything Is Connected To Everything


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  1. @lkampy10 exchange ‚energy level‘ with ‚quantum state‘ at 0:22 and he’s correct. He dumbed down quantum state to energy level for the general public…

  2. Brian is just making things easy to understand for people like us dont know the ABC of physics .. he just renamed Quantum Numbers as Energy levels cuz everyones familiar with it … im sure he knows what he is saying .. so STFU 🙂

  3. @LLUZION He’s not an idiot. Furthermore, you’re an asshole, because you’re accusing him of making a statement which he most certainly did not. Get the fuck out.

  4. @apawstate *facepalm* I take it you’ve never heard of an appeal to authority? Nobody is infallable and nobody is above criticism.

    I like Brian I really do what he said is wrong. He over simplified it to the point that it was simply innacurate. He doesn’t deseve the amount of crap he’s been getting though, trying to describe quantum physics to laymen isn’t something I envy.

  5. @LLUZION I know that energy level’s, spins, velocity etc make up quantum state as a whole. What else? Since you so openly critizised him using the term „energy level“ and basically accused him of not knowing anything about particle physics, you must have some extensive knowledge on this subject. Please, do share.

    Just so you know, quantum mechanics can’t be explained by hand motions and nice words. No one understands it enough to summarize it to a couple sentences. Not even Brian Cox.

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