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Fake UFO Scout Ship Lands In New Mexico


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  1. It’s a fake. From 0:50-0:55 you can see the U.S. Air Force star logo on top of the craft. If the U.S. actually had something like this, they wouldn’t throw the logo on it until it was either a) publicly known about or b) ready for deployment. Plus, it just kind of looked like CGI to me – you lose too much of it behind the trees.

  2. @radkaos247…. Let me re-phrase myself. I only believe in things that I can Touch, See, Feel and Hear. I wish u were a fly on the wall in my room at 3-4am almost every night!!!

  3. It’s funny that the UFO has military symbols on it. Also funny that its airforce grey & has the markings to go with it. I’m just sayin. Looks fake as hell to me & looks a lot like sumthin u would see on star trek

  4. Super fake.
    Do you think if it was real just when he stops and zooms in, it will descend with perfect timing?
    Also, when it starts descending, it looks like computer animation.

  5. Nazi Technology adopted and improved in the US since the faked end of WWII and „Project Paperclip“. The Nazi’s planned to use UFO propoganda and flying disc technology to scare fear the sheeple then „save us“, the old bait and fix American way.

  6. It’s probably a kids toy edited into it and y do people really think that aliens will actually make ships in that shape we
    Wouldn’t and DON’T we r very stereo typical towards aliens they might not like being ugly green monsters

  7. Look at the shape similar to the UFO which is reflecting from the windows of the last warehouse just before they stopped the car… Good video editing I shall say.

  8. It’s real I live in Albuquerque new Mexico and There are bases everywhere. I’VE SEEN SHIT LOL ALMOST DAILY.reported it to the apd along with 15other people that 3 red triangular lights were floating above my apartments.They came and the police were 45minutes too late asking if anyone got abducted.Stupid.It’s military or disguised by aliens to look military lolz don’t be surprised if an alien invasion starts in new Mexico it’s just our government pretending to be aliens…OR ARE THEY…?dun dun.

  9. i’ve been chasing ufo sightings and found a multiple sighting with multiple video tapings in san fran a couple of years ago. This is only the beginning.

  10. this isnt real how do you know when the object stops and keeps moving how do you know that and behind the tree you dont see nonof the object which you should at least see the tips behind it fake and dont listen so so so fake those buildings dont even look real

  11. Why should it always be us? Why not the video itself reveal the truth? Why always us? If it’s us. It will always be fake.

    So .. there’s no point in commenting.

  12. Weres the wookie? I got directed here by a cousin who thot this was real,and hes a grown man as well.DEARY DEARY DEARY kl video tho,look forward to the film coming out

  13. Are you guys stupid?!?! Of course its real!!!! It cam to pick up the mammoth!!!!!! *all that was said in a very sarcastic voice*.

    But come on there is a US milatary star on it!!!!!

  14. It conveniently hovered about until a few objects passed in front of it and kindly waited for them to stop to film it’s final descent. Astounding. Have to go and prepare for the easter bunny now……..

  15. @thewiitry And who the hell are you and where are you from. If you are a foreigner, well then you don’t know our people. Sick of foreign smartasses. And mostly they are from countries we have to support. You guys are lame.

  16. They are alergic to coffee. They tell me they are skinny enough.
    But; they DO like full fat milk. In their Tea.
    I’m about to try them on Tetley’s but so far PG seems to be their favourite brew.

  17. They are allergic to coffee. They tell me they are skinny enough.
    But; they DO like full fat milk. In their Tea.
    I’m about to try them on Tetley’s but so far PG seems to be their favourite brew.

  18. I think that the vidbis real but that thing is ours I think. Somekind of vertical hover craft. It has too many angular surfaces to be a practical extreme velocity craft.

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