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Wingsuit Close Call Crash – Jeb Corliss – Grounded


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  1. TTE inc., the worlds leading manufacturer of Titanium Testicle Enclosures, have once again proved instrumental in providing advanced safety features for customers participating in extreme activities.According to Jeb Corliss “ The injuries I received conducting the first touch & go in a wingsuit would have been much worse if not for the superior design of my melon holders.“ Unfortunately,due to the vast amount of material required for Jebs enclosures,there is a worldwide shortage of titanium.

  2. @vizzuleyes Actually, I’m an avid reptile collector. Spiders don’t do it for me.

    From an evolutionary standpoint grasping a rush that puts your life in serious danger is the most idiotic of ways of exposing merely an extension of pride and danger of a hunter gatherer mentality. Do you research you brilliant motherfucker. Calling someone a pussy who is using nothing more than common sense and logic to avoid danger to merely preserve my life puts you in an IQ status of roughly 90. And a prick.

  3. Jebb You know better than no one that you can’t push this sport more than what you are already doing with proximity, be smart if you wanna live to do it again and enjoy it, don’t follow other flyers foot steps, you already experience your friend catastrophe to close to da bridge… smarter we wanna still see good ass videos, hope you recover well.. UDAMAN!

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