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Pat the cat


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  1. @aw4991
    I agree. The bitch is a slut and whore. She knew very well what she was doing and what people would think about her and she still went ahead and uploaded her shameful act for the world to see. Don’t tell me she didn’t preview her video not even once.Don’t tell me she’s just sitting in her own home where no oe can see.Don’t tell me there is no vulgarity and evil on her part.Are all white women like this?Is this true:

  2. @Tunnel0fLove a bit extreme but yeah she had to have looked at it, maybe she’s naive or stupid or looking for attention. And it doesn’t help that the cat isn’t really doing all that much and the camera is more centered on her than the actual cat

  3. I love this video! I think many people might be considering a Scottish Fold after watching. Remember; our pets are with us for only a short time in our lives, and we should spoil them.

  4. @Rainielovealways ya, thats why I said, that it „looked“ like it didnt -> „A cat that doesn’t have any ears (atleast it looks that way) looks really silly.“

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