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Only in Battlefield 3 – Winning Video


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  1. @A07carmichael1 Have fun playing BF3 on your Mac….o wait sorry bro. I would rather be able to customize my rig then deal with predetermined garbage, Viruses is a terrible argument half the time people who get them are retarded. Hey and if I do have an error hardware wise, its maybe $200 max if that vs, sorry the Mac for its „recyclable capabilities“ you cant just replace 1 component you have to buy a new machine *insert Jobs evil laugh*.

  2. Between the Knife Montage and the missile to Battlefield logo at the end… Why isnt this guy working for Dice?

    That said, I didnt like the helicopter dive, thats nothing special or invigorating, everyone does that every time on that map.

    Would have been cooler to see some sort of parachute stunt there.

  3. @Fisterbear I’m happy with the end result and the reception it has received. I’d have to be nuts to think every single person would think it’s awesome, and feedback from all opinions is very useful.

  4. @A07carmichael1 I do now and again but you have to play differently and I find that all my coolest moments happen in normal mode. I enjoy visiting hardcore mode, but I wouldn’t live there.

  5. @Fisterbear no im not new it called its just a game its not like every single clip is going to have some sniper jump out of a heli do a 360 and kill a jet pilot hell i would pay to see

  6. Tons of vehicles, and I couldn’t help but notice that you used either the Engineer or weapons that any class can use, leading me to believe it was all Engi. A little more variety , such as a sniper view or deployed LMG, would have helped.

  7. @secruztehking Only BF3 players hate MW3. Its because they have terrible reflexes and get killed all the time. Dont get me wrong. I have played Bad Company 2. When I was stoned, camping behind a tree or some bushes;) Dont forget that some people just dont like ’slow‘ games. I prefer run and gun like CoD.

  8. @TonyTheYouTuba I hear ya on the Hardcore/Regualr modes…yet since I am never recording, and rage un-healthily when I need all my shots PLUS throw the weapon at them for the kill…you’d never venture back to Pusscore.

    I enjoyed your video nonetheless, good stuff man.

  9. @BE4TNGU LOL Dude im a Bf3 player and evreytime ive played call of noobs ive had awsome scores kd and get those gay things..what are they called..oh yea kill streak rewards ( 🙂 Smh) Cod is for noobs plain and simple its design is a noob design for noob players who just need a handicapped Fps so they can actually do well in a game.

  10. @BE4TNGU Lolwut? No, MW3 players hate BF3. That is why lots of them came over to BF3. I was a beast in MW2, BO, and MW3. I like BF because its harder to achieve anything and when you do, its FAR more epic than anything CoD can do even in its single player.

  11. ehrlich gesagt bin mir nets icher wieso das gerade asugewählt wurde
    ich kenne spieler die haben so sachen tagtäglich
    joa es ist gut zusammengestellt aber das ist schonf ast alles

  12. the flythrough in the gunner seat in Caspian Border is simply insane. As is most of this video. But that particular scene was stunning.
    Good job, and gratz for the well deserved win.

  13. @BE4TNGU No you didn’t. All that means is A: People play both or B: Everyone that left was replaced by new people. I have also seen eyewitnesses that have made the transition and have gone on to bash MW3 despite having liked CoD once.

  14. @Hfajardo97 Thats strange buddy cuz me and my friends wanted to play BF3 this year. Seriously. So we played the demo and jesus, we were very disappointed. At least we gave it a chance.

  15. @BE4TNGU No, no you didn’t. BF3 never had a demo. You played a BETA, a raw product made not for our enjoyment but to help the developers test/ finish the game. That’s why you didn’t like it.

  16. @BE4TNGU Meh, Operation Metro (the map you played in) is the worst map in a BF game to date. It was made for CoD players. Its impossible to avoid camping when it was catered for CoD players 😉

  17. Can I ask you what software you used to show multiple videos in 1 shot? I think it’s called picture in picture but you seem to have done it on a much larger scale. Really awesome transition by the way. And I liked how you went from the 1 knife kill to multiple knife kills in sync with the different screens. Really good edit job and great video!

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