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Only in Battlefield 3 – Winning Video


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  1. Can I ask you what software you used to show multiple videos in 1 shot? I think it’s called picture in picture but you seem to have done it on a much larger scale. Really awesome transition by the way. And I liked how you went from the 1 knife kill to multiple knife kills in sync with the different screens. Really good edit job and great video!

  2. @BE4TNGU Meh, Operation Metro (the map you played in) is the worst map in a BF game to date. It was made for CoD players. Its impossible to avoid camping when it was catered for CoD players 😉

  3. @BE4TNGU No, no you didn’t. BF3 never had a demo. You played a BETA, a raw product made not for our enjoyment but to help the developers test/ finish the game. That’s why you didn’t like it.

  4. @Hfajardo97 Thats strange buddy cuz me and my friends wanted to play BF3 this year. Seriously. So we played the demo and jesus, we were very disappointed. At least we gave it a chance.

  5. @BE4TNGU No you didn’t. All that means is A: People play both or B: Everyone that left was replaced by new people. I have also seen eyewitnesses that have made the transition and have gone on to bash MW3 despite having liked CoD once.

  6. the flythrough in the gunner seat in Caspian Border is simply insane. As is most of this video. But that particular scene was stunning.
    Good job, and gratz for the well deserved win.

  7. ehrlich gesagt bin mir nets icher wieso das gerade asugewählt wurde
    ich kenne spieler die haben so sachen tagtäglich
    joa es ist gut zusammengestellt aber das ist schonf ast alles

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