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America, If This Is Our Future, We Are Doomed!


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  1. unfreakin believable. and this is the next generation of adults? Seriously! Oh I forgot they don’t teach American History in public schools anymore. It’s not part of the Mastery Tests. This is the result of the No Child Left Behind Act. THEY ALL WILL BE LEFT BEHIND every other country in the world! If no one knows it by now that the purpose of our educational system is to dumb down our kids this video is proof!

  2. @ALmighty10800. the reason why i got a job in the US is b/c there was not enough good candidates in the US, the people that I’m employed under had to look overseas. I guess my success in landing a job in the US is a proof that US citizens are poorly educated, hence, „kids can’t answer a basic question“

  3. These people are incredibly stupid but I don’t think this represents a majority. Yes there are more people like this in the U.S. then there should be but I doubt this was random sampling. Probably a lot of the intelligent response were edited out.

  4. somebody should show this to the presidential candidates, give them a high five, to the face, with a chair them describe to them in extreme detail why they shouldn’t cut funding for education, and I’m serious about the high five to the face, it should really happen.

  5. these people are just fucking stupid and are in a totally fucked up school. People from forien contries know more shit that these dumbass fuckheads. I was smarter in the first grade and these people need to grow some balls and get there heads out of there asses and get it together. If this shit keeps going on in america then there will not be another generation to come.

    On the bright side, at least we will have more dumbasses with no life or future to sell drugs and work at wendys.

  6. My social studies teacher showed us this video. We are in 8th grade and know almost all of these answers. Pretty sad they don’t even know and they are in high school. But this video gave is a good laugh!

  7. @theeyeburninglight No, intelligent design was declared to be religious instruction in KItzmiller vs. Dover. It is not required–and, to my knowledge, is not generally offered.

  8. Oh, I’m sure they knew the answer, they were just blanking. I know when I’m put under pressure or have a camera in front of me I don’t remember shit and I can’t even think.

  9. I love how everyone bashes the United States for being stupid. They only sampled stupid kids. There were like what 10 kids who answered questions? If they were to use a sample of say 100 kids, the results would be much better. Makes a good video to put the kids who had stupid answers on camera.

  10. this video leaves me 3 possibilities:
    1) You only include the interviews with derps and leave out the majority of people who get most/some questions right
    2) I live in a bubble of somewhat smart people and have no interaction with the average derp American
    3) I’m surrounded by derps and have no idea

  11. Look at all you people commenting, liking, and even favoriting this pathetic excuse for entertainment. You are all so incredulously stupid and ignorant that I reeled from horror at the sight of your nasty comments. Insulting America isn’t getting you anywhere, you aren’t fixing any problems or helping anyone, you are merely making yourself feel good because you have self esteem problems. I could fill a series of novels with all of my hate towards you scum, but this will have to do for now.

  12. @MDxKayo In some circles it is also a city or a continent. In my personal opinion it is actually a giant fucking turtle shell inhabited by progressives or something. Also on a side note George Bush isn’t the vice president he is actually a court appointed demi-god.

  13. @killeratpie I have to beg to differ. We all have our problems, and many of us are very messed up. However, insulting a whole group of people based solely on where they live won’t get you very far.

  14. @SepticRemains It’s very sad. I’m just in high school and it shames me how many of my peers don’t know basic things. I think history is one of the greatest things you can learn… and how will they learn things about Swedish history when they don’t know when the Revolutionary War was?

  15. oh man, i should have taken more drugs in high school, i feel like i missed out. in other news, i love the girl in the grey shirt, she was cute and knew the answers to several of the questions

  16. Countries bordering the US are South America and Mexico? Seriously I live in America and anyone in this entie state could answer al most all those questions correctly so i ask you……Where were you when you did this Q and A? Utopia? XD

  17. I cried.

    BUT! If this can be used to battle certain stereotypes- I’ve lived in Kentucky all of my life, and I knew the answer to everyone of these questions. And I’m attending a decent liberal arts college, so yeah, not all Americans are idiots.

  18. Blame Fluoride and Monsanto. Both neurotoxin brain function disruptor. Fear based conditioning will also relocate blood flow to the back of the brain. We are either thriving or surviving.

  19. @Benjigrogan it is fake. and i do not understand what you mean by USA kids have decrease 500%. 500% of what? If you mean IQ then i would have to disagree.I live in the US. We have some really dumb people but there are dumb people in every country. Even if it was real, one school does not represent the entire US population.

  20. @dv55040 I know this is only 1 school and another day these kids would have known the answer but if it is real these kids have serious problems, made me laugh though, especially the american border question.

  21. And wow, looking through the comments, I’ve read a lot of hurtful things about Americans… Calling us ignorant and stupid, well YOU are ignorant for immediately judging a whole country on a 5 minute video thinking that all of America is like this and stupid for the matter that you blindly believe a video is true. I can’t imagine going up to a normal high school kid and they don’t know what countries border America, let alone 10 high schoolers that don’t know. This is obviously staged in a way.

  22. @SoldierCyfix „a lame excuse on behalf of your education system ?“

    Why would I defend „my“ (the German) education system in a video that may be understood to reflect badly on „your“ (the USA’s) education system?

  23. Haha, great…I’m German and I could have answered every single one of those questions correctly…wouldn’t be that much different if you did this in German schools with questions about Germany, though.

  24. @MattyDaddy74 sure you sheeple who follow Obaaamaaa would think that the union goons who teach are kids are so wonderful…so how long have you worked for the giverment? Get creative and make something instead of being a taker…Ronald Wilson Reagan, count 666, new boss, same as the old boss, new devil, different face. Social security is a Ponzi scheme and your number the mark of the beast. Don’t worry, soon Iran attacks Israel and 2/3’s of mankind goes POOF! Praise Jesus, soon US gone…

  25. @oscarandbernie First, I’m an independent and considering that information, that would make me a lone wolf, not a sheep (as you so valiantly claim). I don’t work for the government (I’m a freelance writer and I also work manufacturing, so I do make stuff). And in response to the rest of your rant, do yourself a favor: seek immediate psychiatric care. You really need it, bub.

  26. They need to stop asking the stupidest people they can find and editing out the rest. That’s not really a fair representation. You’ll notice they only interviewed around 8 or 10 people.

    But I shouldn’t say too much, his mom’s a lawyer.

  27. @empatheticalpieces 1 I’m Norwegian and 1B We have a different and far better school system(honest and unfortunately true) 2 You’re 18, I’m 30, – huge difference. 3 I don’t have a clue about say ornothology (birds) or baseball because there’s just so much to learn, and I already have my favourite subjects I dig in to. 🙂 But these guys kinda showed they didn’t have a clue about ANYTHING 😉 It is in knownledge you find treasure. I’m glad you’ve understood that fact. 🙂

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