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America, If This Is Our Future, We Are Doomed!


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  1. @empatheticalpieces 1 I’m Norwegian and 1B We have a different and far better school system(honest and unfortunately true) 2 You’re 18, I’m 30, – huge difference. 3 I don’t have a clue about say ornothology (birds) or baseball because there’s just so much to learn, and I already have my favourite subjects I dig in to. 🙂 But these guys kinda showed they didn’t have a clue about ANYTHING 😉 It is in knownledge you find treasure. I’m glad you’ve understood that fact. 🙂

  2. They need to stop asking the stupidest people they can find and editing out the rest. That’s not really a fair representation. You’ll notice they only interviewed around 8 or 10 people.

    But I shouldn’t say too much, his mom’s a lawyer.

  3. @oscarandbernie First, I’m an independent and considering that information, that would make me a lone wolf, not a sheep (as you so valiantly claim). I don’t work for the government (I’m a freelance writer and I also work manufacturing, so I do make stuff). And in response to the rest of your rant, do yourself a favor: seek immediate psychiatric care. You really need it, bub.

  4. @MattyDaddy74 sure you sheeple who follow Obaaamaaa would think that the union goons who teach are kids are so wonderful…so how long have you worked for the giverment? Get creative and make something instead of being a taker…Ronald Wilson Reagan, count 666, new boss, same as the old boss, new devil, different face. Social security is a Ponzi scheme and your number the mark of the beast. Don’t worry, soon Iran attacks Israel and 2/3’s of mankind goes POOF! Praise Jesus, soon US gone…

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