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A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors


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  1. Technology is amazing, it has connected people together all over the globe. This can be a great thing if we learn the universal truth about life, but it could spur war and terrorism if we don’t. Learn the truth: search Truth Contest in google and click on the top result. Then check out „The Present“ on the homepage.

  2. @nineteescountree Since you asked so nicely okay!!! It feels wonderful to be called a moron, first reason: i dont take anything anyone on this site says with a grain of salt and neither should you. second: i like to bash on misinformed people who spout retarded shit out their mouths. Third: i could of called you much worse and still had a wonderful day afterwords. So now you know me and i know you have a wonderful day…. moron

  3. ok so you guys!!!!! you could be saving the planet with these…..we all know that if bees die out…which they are, that means mass extinction left & right…these little guys could be programmed in time to take up the role of bees. At least that’s the Idea I got when seeing this vid. I hope you continue to nurse this project to maturity!!!! the applications for it are limitless!

  4. Very impressive! Also somewhat scary, considering what we do with drones now a days. These things could be put to very evil use, and I’m still trying to think of a single GOOD use for this technology. Anyone with any GOOD uses out there?

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