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Seinfeld’s Kramer Driving and Discovering Skrillex


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  1. @zombielandking are you kidding? do some research because you couldn’t be more wrong. in my opinion, every single one of sonny moore’s songs is amazing and each one of them spans multiple genres.

  2. @canef3ar Dubstep’s not the best (…by far…), but this video’s great. You need to overlook your dislike for a „musical“ genre in order to appreciate how awesome this video is.

  3. @SpudCommando i am so fucking sick of kids creaming everywhere just because of a songs goddamned drop. a drop is like a breakdown in metal, TO BE FUCKING USED IN MODERATION, and it’s not what makes the genre any fucking good.

  4. @faaaaaaaaaaack Calm your nipples, I used the sentence sarcastically. I actually dislike dubstep, but the video is hilarious because that was my reaction to when I first heard it.

  5. @canef3ar Wtf… why did people dislike his Comment its fucking true… Dubstep is retarded…i fucking muted the sound and just watch kramer Spazz out thats all… All i heard in the beginning is this…

    AHHHYEEEHAHHHBAAAAAAAA(Repeat X3) wtf is it that… sounds like sum1 jizzing in their pants…

  6. @Emokid43212 why do people like you click on a video that obviously says skrillex in the title and post a comment on how you don’t like dubstep? There are so many other videos of kramer spazzing out buutttttt you just had to click this one? too much youtube surfing got you here lol

  7. @gifford8908 Lol skrillex fucking sucks, he is fake dubstep, even though you would have to be retarded to have to take such an easy genre and have to fake it. Skrillex is not dub step. To listen to people who actually produce their own dub step, checkout borgore and excision, even though not a whole lot of musicianship goes into their craft either, at least they make it themselves.

  8. @ehlevated You fucking ignorant dick. Dubstep is a style of music, which is identified by a number of factors (e.g. bass drop, wobble bass over half time beat etc). Just because you don’t like Skrillex, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t fit within that genre, because his music CLEARLY does. Way to prove how ignorant and fucking stupid you are.

  9. @jrfoster01 Sorry you feel so strongly about someone who clearly doesn’t deserve the stardom they have. I know what Dubstep is, everyone who has listened to any music recently I’m sure, knows what dub step is. The point I am making however is that SKRILLEX DOES NOT MAKE HIS OWN MUSIC! I understand that according to some people no dub step artist makes their own music, I understand that, but that is NOT what I’m saying about skrillex. I am saying that he pays someone named Ollie Barenoize

  10. @jrfoster01 To produce his beats. Obviously I am not Ollie Barenoize or Skrillex, However I have it from a very good source in the music industry that this is how things work in the world of Skrillex. In conclusion I would like to point out how „ignorant and fucking stupid you are“ and also how dumb it is to post things on the internet when A. You are doing it because you love the way an artists penis tastes. and B. When you don’t have all your facts. Because you will always look very stupid.

  11. @jrfoster01 No. Dubstep is Two Step mixed with Dub, hence Dubstep. Bass drops and „wobble bass“ aren’t necessary. Listen to Joker or Burial. This doesn’t have Dub samples and it doesn’t have a Two Step beat, therefore it’s not Dubstep.

  12. @ashesindust classic rock is better than anything out today. dubstep is cool but it shouldnt be raved for what it is. anyone can make dubstep which is cool and awesome but you can’t beat live people and actual musicians

  13. @McClure321 false story. try to learn guitar then reply back. mastering a program is just remembering when the time comes to use a certain tool and with practice maybe you can do this faster than others. guitar must be perfectly played and practiced perfectly else no music will come out. stop fooling yourself, just because you like something doesn’t mean you have to defend it without logic

  14. considering seinfield ended in 99 and that skrillex song didnt come out till mid 2000s you have to be pretty retarted to say that this video isnt edited

  15. considering seinfield ended in 99 and that skrillex song didnt come out till mid 2000s you have to be pretty retarted to say that this video isnt edited

  16. considering seinfield ended in 1492 and that abraham washington wasnt elected prime minister of the new york yankees until 200 BC you have to be pretty retarted to say that this video isnt edited

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