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WTF – Training Muay-Thai Style – Fighting a Banana Tree


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  1. @theweg1234

    So true, they are hard to keep standing when loaded with bannanas.

    He looks tough, and I’m sure a good fighter, but what will he kick next a jello mold?

  2. The point isn’t whether banana trees are easy to break or not. The purpose is to harden the shin bones for body kicks. In modern Thai gyms they use large, heavy bags instead. Taking down a tree would hurt like hell if you weren’t conditioned. Even if you had the strength & technique to take it down, you couldn’t because of the pain.

  3. @theweg1234
    your comment is bullshit ! yes bananas arent strong trees. but are you trying to say that his kicks arentpowerfull ? do you even know who he is ?? buakaw por pramuk-one of the best low and mid kickers in the world. so please dont write bullshit

  4. @justlegal21 i am very relaxed brother and i think he is great at what he is doing, just had to share my opinion cause that’s why are here on earth to share and to dare, to love & forgive
    Peace to you too brother 🙂

  5. @diegorivera1107 hahaha i take that as a compliment.., I love this planet and it’s beings. I am just being me, being honest with myself and all around, I wish peace here 🙂

  6. You expected a video on Youtube to NOT waste away time? If seconds mean so much to your VASTLY PRODUCTIVE life, then you shouldn’t waste more of them by making a snide remark to let everyone know how much you REEK of dripping wet douche.

  7. @cybervand it’s an old training since over 500 years ago in Thailand. At that time there weren’t any punching bags. and this’s an adult tree dude, I doubt you have seen real banana tree in your life, this’s an average size in Thailand. And the purpose of training is too thickening your bone, so you can strike harder. (Just look at Buakaw fight with Toby Imada and see how devastasting these kicks are)

  8. i see a lot of people dont know who BUAKAW POR PRAMUK is . so please dont judge too fast. check his highlights or training first, and if you still dont like him, come back and than write stupid comments

  9. The pontianak is going to be his best friend now…

    Those who don’t know what pontianaks are: search for pontianak (folklore) on Wikipedia… pay special attention to the fact that pontianaks are found in banana trees. *nods grimly*

  10. yeaa it is possible.
    i think its called “cortical remodelling“ look it up lol…. bones grows stronger from the stresses and strains its put under, eg kicking a tree

  11. @pooperscoopalol I took all my posters of him down for nothing. Is het in contract with another training camp? What happened to pot pramuk gym?

  12. You guy’s missed the first part of this video. He slipped on a banana and he was pissed the fuck off! This is part 2

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