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CES – Samsung’s Smart Window


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  1. Who the fuck is going to want to spend thousands of dollars on an electronic window? Rich people’s houses are too ornate for this and the middle class won’t waste money on it. There’s really no target consumer.

  2. I thing in near future we’ll be sitting only at home like in Surrogates movie. No real living, no feeling, no breathing, no contacts and relations, no traveling. It’s a little unnatural in my opinion and the computers or thechnology are realy helpfull and nice. But we should watch out for the future and to not get lazy too much.

  3. @DoubIeKiIl It could be used for cars (On screen sat nav) Have pc monitors like this, have tablets like this. You could have windows like the ones in iron man. Have them in military/civilian aircraft etc.

  4. @SilentSerenity10

    Don’t miss this guys, the CEO of apple is releasing ipads on Sunday January 15:\uAvfVG

    Thumbs Up If You Get An Ipad 2.

  5. @kitsune2222 she is using a functional prototype at a technology show, so therefore the technology exists, athough it may not be in mass production yet. there are no functional prototypes for mass teleporters (as far as we know), so that is a better definition of „future technology“ than something that someone is using in public

  6. @jraverboy It looks to me to be a LCD screen with a camera on the back that projects the scenery behind rather than an actual see-through panel. I imagine ppl on the other side just see nothing rather than you looking like a crazy person

  7. @drsnowmon
    Let’s go back and read what I wrote again, shall we?

    „Transparent screens have uses. This isn’t one of them.“ – taicleis

    The technology BEHIND this window has uses. It’s also not very new technology. I’ve been seeing this same technology in the works for a couple years now. It will be useful for many different types of interfaces, both transparent and reflective. Good for augmented reality stuff.

    A PC in your living room window is not one of those uses. It’s a stupid application.

  8. @TheHolycactus i am so offended by your comment that i will treat you with kindness and tolerence 🙂 i hope you have a happy life and get into MLP:FIM, and not the earlier generations of MLP.

  9. @poepho1303 You sure are hard to please geez. Did you not see the amazing things she just did?!

    And anyway that was supposed to happen, the recipe app was scrolling through the recipes, it was on the first when she first opened it and it coincidently scrolled to the second app just as the was reaching to press the third recipe. Stop blind hating

  10. @walker1054 It looked like a obvious mistake. We all know new tech like this will always be released with a mountain of bugs to sort out. Not „blind hating“ expressing concern

  11. When this comes out imma make a door app and when you hit a button you ’see‘ the ‚door‘ open but and when the person walks into it a trollface will appear. 😀
    @masterwolf1212 and when it destroys your 50 Grad. door I guess it will be Karma with the Troll face on you.

  12. @Bladeninja76
    dont miss out. Thursday - new apple ceo is shipping out old ipad and iphones

    THink I am lying Check out the event page,\z5uerR   and see

  13. OMG imagine a App that a random bird just fucking fly up and into your window, and shatters and the bird splats into a VISIOUS SPLAT! and a Cat comes up and eats the splat and than took a shat, imagine that app.

  14. @hkj73 I would rather feel like I am in Minority Report because of using a nifty transparent screen than because people are being jailed for things they haven’t even done yet — oh, wait….

  15. @enycemt

    It’s not an actual window pane, it’s a monitor that looks like a window fancing out your house. That’s not a real street outside it’s a picture you dope!

  16. @TZ421 ur the dope, sir… it IS an actual digitize one sided pane so people walking by are not able to see in… and those little buildings u see are just to illustrate/show how it would look if it WERE to replace your actual window… u fool

  17. @DIANAROSS4EVER not worrying about the government but my phone bills getting higher and higher because Samsung would prefer I live in a hamster cage of comsumerism. I’ll stick to my old TV, still works.

  18. There’s a DJ controller for Traktor that does this called the holodesk. It’s not as good or as pretty but I’d assume it’s the same sort of tech.

  19. Although they’re cool… they should still function primarily as a window. These things will have to be consistently washed if they’re being touched all the time.

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  23. Thank goodness kids these days just sit at home on their computers all the time. Just think if baseballs through windows were still a common occurrence.

  24. Let me rephrase that.
    „Now she can feel like she’s in „Minority Report“ making a sandwich while in reality she’s in the kitchen.“

  25. *News Reporter* „A man died today in his own house. He died of suffocation!“
    „The man had recently installed a samsung smart window!“
    *News reporter consults Samsung CEO*“ So, is it true that these smart windows cannot be opened?“
    *Samsung CEO*“Yes….“
    *News reporter look at camera*“Well THERE’S your problem!!!!!“

  26. It’s not meant to be a normal window, the little town behind the screen just shows you can see through it.

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