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America’s Science Decline – Neil deGrasse Tyson


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  1. The USA benefit from their top notch universities (so does the UK) and their still functioning system to integrate well educated immigrants of all colours and creeds. I dare say that many of the American Nobel price laureates for physics and chemistry were not born in the US and virtually all of them do not believe in invisible pink unicorns.

    Anyway, according to this video, things are changing. Apollo 11 was 1969, the internet was conceived in the 70 and iPhones are built in China.

  2. Well the internet, invented by an Englishman but all American from then on.

    And space science – pretty much invented that. We may have discovered the genome, but after that – mostly America.

    As a small country we punch well above our weight in the sciences, I’m proud of that. And America has far more than it’s fair share of bone headed idiots, not to mention rather a lot of crazy religious buffoons. But let’s keep it real, the US is number one in science…

  3. Damn living in such a small country as The Netherlands i’m really pleased to see how visible we are on this map. Didn’t expect that.

  4. When it’s peer reviewed you can be sure it’s quality science because the entire global scientific community has reviewed it. The US is shrinking from being a scientific powerhouse to be a relative nothing in comparison to Europe, Japan and China.

    The signs are all there for even the layman to see. For the first time in history the worlds most powerful atom smasher is not in the US, it’s in Europe and you will find that all the top US scientists will move there.

  5. You clearly didn’t understand it at all. The map shows that for example Europe (which was huge in the beginning (at least the size of the US) and still is huge on the second map while the US has shrunk conciderably. So ‚The rest of the world catching up‘ doesn’t fly here. It clearly shows the amount of scientific research in the US is declining unlike Europe.

  6. Even though this is a hard wake-up call, most americans will not wake up from their American Dream/Fantasy…

    This is because only few of them are aware of how important science really is in the development of the standard of living, in their country and elsewhere…

    This in term comes from the science v religion debate, and when you challenge someone“s faith, they shut you out faster than you can say „but look at this!“

  7. The fact that USA didn’t increase as much in the last decade does NOT mean USA doesn’t still have excellent quantity and quality researchers. It could just mean that the rest of the world is catching up.

  8. What about quality of research. Just because some countries are churning out so called research doesn’t mean that it’s of any great quality.

  9. did you read the comment i was replying to? china has always been the leader in science and technology. Europeans have only been out of the dark ages a couple of centuries.

  10. but Sweden shrinks to nothing! that big pink blob in the top left of Europe is great Britain no? look at its position relative to Germany and France. But if you really meant proud to be part of Europe then i’m right with you on that

  11. You see how the first sentence contradicts the last? You don’t say „always“ then give an exception. Dumb ass.

  12. Interesting how he fails to mention that countries like China are simply catching up. Trends don’t usually last and since China had nearly no scientific development a couple decades ago, this isn’t all too troubling unless it continues for a good while.

  13. America’s far too busy instructing Africa on how to properly persecute witches while simultaneously worshiping Israel’s magic mountain to do science. The country is creeping to 16 Trillion debt too; halfway there. Thanks Palin; and those before you. Go with „god“; to a land far away, please.

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