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Pacman Frog catch some touch screen bugs


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  2. I love that he looks so pissed off, i would too if someone was messing with me and my food, it’s only normal the frog was meaning „bite me“ literally, only backwards, „me bite“ MUAHAHAHAHA

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  7. @SuperAlphamale13 Doesn’t matter if there are teeth or not, if you put your arm in a croc’s mouth between its teeth, it’ll still break your arm

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  9. Haha ive never seen shit like that before. But what the fuck is up with you acting like a pussy when the frog latched onto your finger? Frogs and toads cant harm a human from biting them!

  10. LMFAO!!! I didnt think frogs could see images on a screen….kinda like how dogs cant. This was cool! Shit myself when he went for your finger though – even though its harmless.

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