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Zeitgeist 2011: Year In A Google Review


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  1. Congratulations to The Protester for being the Person of the Year! Not just here, but all over the world! The War in Iraq is Over, agree or disagree, it is over, glad to have you all home! 2011 was a year of change!

  2. @Thrice13 THANK YOU for pointing to some of what’s really been going on behind the scenes! It’s nice to know that SOME people are waking up. Of course there is much more to come. We are indeed approaching the end of one era/world and the move to another, and it is up to each individual how pleasant – or unpleasant – this transition is. As indicated by Google, the most-viewed videos on YouTube, media, pop culture, rampant consumerism, etc., most people are still asleep.

  3. I don’t shed any tears about that crackbitch Amy Winehouse, regardless of her being jewish or not. It was her own fault that she died, because of all the deliberate drug abuse. This should be a lesson to all kids out there: Don’t drink too much alcohol and don’t smoke drugs if you wanna live long!

  4. **ALERT!!**






  5. @LongandGeneric God at 1:45 resurrects Christmas 2012. Mayans predicted return of Queztecoatl, a big change, not the end of the world but beginning of new world after end of current situation.

  6. Please take a look at my video about my sister and share it, She is currently suffering from severe epilepsy and I made a video trying to reach out for help, she has been on the news and the newspaper, and nothing has helped, and the specialists here don’t know what’s causing her to have seizures every day. Please take a look and share, before she has another and falls down on her head again, all it takes is one bad fall, it would mean the world to our family.Thank you /watch?v=_1clfZm7K_g

  7. @Martialarts222 I don’t know of a single person who thinks the Japan incident or Greece’s economic state is humorous. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. We all mourn with them.

  8. @rodazi osamas death was the most important because he was the most wanted man in the world, everyone knew who he was and its been a 10 year mission to kill him( and the biggest turning point for the obama administration), kim jong ill was insignificant,and no one was actively trying to kill him, he just died cause he was old. I am an Indian and even I was happy when osama was killed,This video is a (generalized) collective felling of how the WORLD felt- and important events-so relax

  9. This is a ‚Feel good video‘ and it does exactly that- talks about tsunami- but also talks about the Japanese fighting spirit, includes the ‚I am gay video‘ because it doesn’t matter to a dad-he still loves his son, Remembers people who have made a ‚Significant change‘ in the world- ‚in a better way‘ and thats why no talk about gaddafi and ill jong- they just made the world more evil- talks about death of osama cause its‘ closure‘ for 9/11,stop dissing this,it cant get better than what it is now.

  10. this video makes me sad in the way that nobody really seems to appreciate their life until the end of a year when everything is tied off and they look back on everything that happened. everyday should be december 31st.

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  12. Another year, another great video on the whole by Google. But a little bit disappointed with no mention of arguably the largest of humanitarian story of the decade - FAMINE! In the Horn of Africa. We OWE it to our fellow human beings perishing in the Horn, to remember them and to work for never another famine to occur under our watch, especially during a time when globalisation underpinned by technology is breaking down barriers and facilitating revolutions – we should say NEVER AGAIN!

  13. further thought on the upcoming world currency from google – (see prior post). we will need some decimal fractions of a google, something like the ‚ogle‘ so to convert US thirty nine dollars ninety cents into googles, we’d write G13.30 cos a ‚google‘ is worth about three bucks. How many googles will i need to buy one face-buck?

  14. Zeitgest movement is bullshit.It is pure propaganda for UN Agenda 21,sustainable development and phony environmentalism.Look at the super cities you will be stacked and packed in while the vast majority of land is off limits and back to nature.Its already happening in the US.Most wilderness lands are closed down to the public.Take what you learned about the banking system and move on.The rest is propaganda for the „New Age“.1992 Rio Earth Summit-UN agenda21 Research it and you will see im right

  15. Надеюсь этот новый год станет для нас Счастливым ………………. Радостным…………………………. И незабываемым!!!!!! En todos los idiomas se entiende =))

  16. FOR 2012 , Lets Mke a Revolution , No More Arrow to The Knee Jokes, No More Trolling,
    No more Justin Bieber Jokes, and No more Rebbeca Black jokes 😀

    *repost to as many videos as possivble*

  17. FOR 2012 , Lets Mke a Revolution , No More Arrow to The Knee Jokes, No More Trolling,
    No more Justin Bieber Jokes, and No more Rebbeca Black jokes 😀

    *repost to as many videos as possivble*

  18. Feliz Ano Novo para todos nós!
    Happy New Year to all of us!
    ¡Feliz año nuevo a todos nosotros!
    우리 모두에게 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

  19. Surely don’t ask don’t tell couldn’t force people to lie to their own family, I thought they only had to hide their sexuality from other soldiers.

  20. Despite it being one of the most massive companies in the world, I always get a sense that google cares. The zeitgeist reviews only serve to aide this feeling by showing that they have not lost touch with the rest of us, in fact, it shows they know us better than most.

  21. Probably not, but I’m thinking it was more of the fact that he can be out to his family and fellow soldiers without worrying about being discharged. I’m thinking they chose that clip as a representation of the DADT repeal as a whole, not just as a singular event,

  22. Zeitgeist 2011 sucked dick. The 12 year old girls think 2011 is better ONLY because of the music, therefore irrelevant.

  23. its funny how Jesus was only born 2013 years ago, and so much shit humans have done. while dinosaurs lived millions years, and nothing every happened throughout those ages. human revolution is insane.

  24. Well…a lot happened during the time of the dinosaurs, literally millions of years of evolution and everything leading up to now. You don’t think anything happened because there’s no Zeitgeist Mesozoic Era in Review.

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