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Amazing Daytime Fireworks From Chinese Artist Cai Guo-Qiang


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  2. Anyone know if he still uses Magic Fire ematches? They are really cool. Also check out his video of the White Tornado done in DC a couple years back. Got the vid somewhere.

  3. @motslaps A lot of them were actually on the ground. He did pretty good for as dynamic a display as this was. Come on, cut him a break. I’m sure I would have been a little confused on where to point the thing unless I was part of the crew. Great display though wasn’t it? Especially those lampares @ 1:08 or so. That salute ring was great. Glad to see that concept taken to display. 

  4. Fantástico fogo de arifício… de dia!
    O Museu Árabe de Arte Moderna de Doha (Qatar) foi no passado dia 6 palco do maior ‚evento com explosões‘ de sempre: um show diurno de fogo de artifício, montado pelo artista chinês Cai Guo-Qiang, que pintou o céu com imagens magníficas feitas de fumo colorido.

  5. they are all fireworks… its a daytime show so they have no stars because they wouldnt show up. they use salutes for daytime shows.

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