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David Attenborough – Wonderful World – BBC


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  1. Grandious video! I also have written a song „wonderful world“. Its also a hymn to the beauty and intelligence of our earth. Visit it at „Wonderful world by jeannie Mayet“

  2. Hmm…that seems like the problem to me. You’re not finding proofs right now because you want the truth (that would require much more research). It sounds like you’re finding proofs to stabilize your existing belief and this creates severe biases. I have had a similar experience, and I could very easily find proof in everything, but of course they were filled with assumptions and would not convince anyone, not even myself. I didn’t need convincing, however, because I already believed it.

  3. I used to argue in essays with these types of examples. I would be telling other people how they feel and how they would react to certain situations, and I would always get poor grades on essays because this is not an effective rhetorical strategy. To me, beauty is not on „higher frequencies“ (I feel like you just made this up, frequencies?) for me, and I do interpret beauty with my mind, or at least I feel I do. Because of this, to me, your argument is ineffective.

  4. I know the truth is very hard to find by thinking. It’s like searching in the dark. You can stumble on it, you can find the door by touch, but if there is light, it’s the whole new story :-). But you must meditate to enlighten the way. Every single person on Earth have his own torch, but many still don’t know how to light it. They don’t even know that they can stop thinking for a while and do not die 😀 Yes ego dies, that’s the thinker, but you will be alive more than ever.

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