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David Attenborough – Wonderful World – BBC


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  1. @Scythemantis Facts are statements contrived by man which may or may not have any basis in truth. Truth, on the other hand is true whether anyone believes it or not.


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  3. @crypto0102
    no it’s not, that’s nothing but liberal propaganda used as an excuse to eliminate your freedom. This planet was created for our enjoyment and improvement. I love to sell property and watch someone doze the land and use it to create their own dream.
    The planet is just fine, don’t buy the lie

  4. animals choosen what they want to be and how they want to live. we must not detroy their choices. because it’s more wonderful than human’s choices. and I wonder we are going to destroy the whole universe. I have no idea of the future of mankind.

  5. This is one of the videos that gave me more pleasure to see.
    Do not stop smiling, while watching the beautiful pictures and heard the peculiar voice of David Attenborough. His voice has something subtle and playful, but always without losing focus on what is essential to him, his passion for all life: all breathtaking beauty of the scenery and diversity of life on this small planet.
    I would like to meet him. It is very hard for me to sympathize with someone as easily as with David.

  6. And there still people who are blind to see how wonderful this world is. How its parts are integrated so nicely together keeping the balance. How we breath CO2 as a poisoned gas and yet the trees breath that poison to live and reproduce oxygen for us. There got to be a creator who balanced everything together. we just have to find it

  7. To honor the 85-year-old national treasure who had just concluded narrating his final series on the BBC, a UK ad agency mashed up footage from his BBC shows with this spoken-word recording. You can find it on the BBC website but you can find the best copy available outside the UK and Ireland here: MY CHANNEL in HD 1080p – ENJOY!!

  8. I’m glad Zach Braff knows a beautiful thing when he sees it…David Attenborough & Zach Braff would be a great combination of people to have in the same room…anyone agree with me? 🙂

  9. Zach Braff didn’t send me here. He posted this video on his facebook page and through my own decision I decided to watch it on YouTube and write a comment about the experience.

  10. @Nemka199 Agrres , they both have a soothing voice . Like Sir Anthony Hopkins Oprha asked him please read me something .. and she gave him the Telephone book to listen him recite the numbers and family names , jst to listen to his voice . Hahah!

  11. @Abdulhkeem1989 الله الله على الخالق سبحانه وتعالى بديع السموات والارض/ God almighty, creator of the heaven and the earth – I don’t think that is really what Sir David is saying.

  12. Utterly lovely images. His Charles Darwin doc was fantastic!
    He makes learning about nature so effortless.
    I see the comments section is, once again, being spammed by god botherers.

  13. Utterly lovely images. His Charles Darwin doc was fantastic!
    He makes learning about nature so effortless.
    I see the comments section is, once again, being spammed by god botherers.

  14. It’s amazing to consider that those animals and environments are really out there on the same planet as we are. At this very moment as you are reading this, there are tigers, penguins and whales roaming their territories trying to survive.

    People have become completely detached from reality because of money and materialism, so they forget how beautiful the world really is. People need to understand that this mindless consumption mentality will destroy us and the environment in the long run.

  15. You are correct (exsquid32) Evolution IS a theory NOT a fact, and a flawed theory at that. And to comment bact to…salablani….Just WHERE would you like humans to live anyway ???? I NEVER put animals before human life EVER ! A human life is far more important than an animals life period.

  16. @exsquid32 David Attenborough disagrees with you. Evolution is a scientific theory backed up by evidence (Please google „Scientific theory“ for an explanation on the scientific use of the term „theory“). And please remember that there is no evidence whatsoever for the existence of any god.

  17. @dwbear19 You wrote::“I NEVER put animals before human life EVER ! A human life is far more important than an animals life period.“
    Really! So, let’s say for the sake of your argument that we wipe out all the animals just because they’re unimportant. Then what are you going to eat, you dumb@ss!!

  18. @dwbear19 You wrote::“I NEVER put animals before human life EVER ! A human life is far more important than an animals life period.“
    Really! So, let’s say for the sake of your argument that we wipe out all the animals just because they’re unimportant. Then what are you going to eat, you dumb@ss!!

  19. @FramboiseToo – the comments by „god botherers“ are most likely in response to the original anti-god comment posted by CopterVideo with the video – otherwise people may have just enjoyed it for the beautiful images.

  20. @DjSpExZoNe It takes a human to be able to see the beauty in the world. It’s through our senses and our minds that we’re able to appreciate these things.

    It’s beautiful to us because it’s been our home and evolved with us, but without someone there to subjectively appreciate, it everything in the world is just „stuff“.

  21. Exquisite photography, beautiful words, why not enjoy, let the beauty light up your life, and perhaps do some good, instead of mucking it up with arguments and hostility?

  22. it’s 60x stronger electric field and 5000x magnetic field to be accurate. To the science: there is actually something called spiritual science, but the oficial science is just looking the wrong way. And the emotion is body reaction to brain (ego) interpretation of reality. Emotional body often react unduly and absurd to an usual situations..

  23. There’s a difference between natural instincts and emotions. If you are truly in a dire live threatening situation, your body creates huge amount of energy to run or to defend. Or if you are standing at the edge of tall rock, fear tells you not to take one more step. But when your body reacts on ego, it’s no longer natural instinct. It’s emotion. If you take something personal, your ego is trying to defend itself and you can be easily controled by your emotions.

  24. If you stay fully Present, you can feel space around your emotions, they no longer control you and you fell joy and peace, but not as an emotions, but as the natural state of Being. Jesus called it Kingdom of Heaven, Buddha called it Nirvana, Lao’c called it Tao…There’s no chance for scientist to recognize the Truth, until he realize that he is absolutly drown in ilusionary world created by his own ego.

  25. I agree with that, I’m just saying that the fact that the physical heart generates stronger fields is irrelevant unless it’s shown that that has anything to do with emotion or anything like that. Also, I was saying that emotion is physical, not necessarily that they’re the same as instincts.

  26. The „truth“ in this case, sounds ironically like anything that science has not yet allowed us to understand. I can claim the opposite and we would have the same amount of evidence behind both claims. Also, people often feel that they comprehensively understand something when they in fact have a very shallow understanding. I’ve experienced this a great deal. If you truly understand this truth, you should have no problem giving me some more detailed description, or some evidence for it.

  27. associate professor Král is czech scientist whom life work is scientificaly proove existence of God. He was atheist and materialst scientist, but he got direct insight and message, that his task is to proove God. He says God is unimaginable, but 100% proovable by science. And still, he has colleague who mock him and don’t want to hear it.

  28. there are studies on link between brain and heart, I’m that educated in that way. About the emotion thing, I was just trying to explain how emotions can distort reality and how they are created. But perceiveing beauty is something that works on much higher frequencies than emotion, becouse it has nothing to do with mind. Mind can tell you: It’s flower, but you do not feel beauty from that, you must see it without mind’s interpretation.

  29. anyway, there are very strong waves of people awakening at this time and I can see it all around me, how people who struggle it, struggle whith their lives as well. Everyday I have so many indirect prooves meant just for myself. When I try to tell it to someone I found myself sounding silly, but that doesn’t disproove anything for me. I already know how prayer work, I know angels are real, I know Jesus is my buddy ;-)…

  30. I know the truth is very hard to find by thinking. It’s like searching in the dark. You can stumble on it, you can find the door by touch, but if there is light, it’s the whole new story :-). But you must meditate to enlighten the way. Every single person on Earth have his own torch, but many still don’t know how to light it. They don’t even know that they can stop thinking for a while and do not die 😀 Yes ego dies, that’s the thinker, but you will be alive more than ever.

  31. I used to argue in essays with these types of examples. I would be telling other people how they feel and how they would react to certain situations, and I would always get poor grades on essays because this is not an effective rhetorical strategy. To me, beauty is not on „higher frequencies“ (I feel like you just made this up, frequencies?) for me, and I do interpret beauty with my mind, or at least I feel I do. Because of this, to me, your argument is ineffective.

  32. Hmm…that seems like the problem to me. You’re not finding proofs right now because you want the truth (that would require much more research). It sounds like you’re finding proofs to stabilize your existing belief and this creates severe biases. I have had a similar experience, and I could very easily find proof in everything, but of course they were filled with assumptions and would not convince anyone, not even myself. I didn’t need convincing, however, because I already believed it.

  33. Grandious video! I also have written a song „wonderful world“. Its also a hymn to the beauty and intelligence of our earth. Visit it at „Wonderful world by jeannie Mayet“

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