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Israel Palestinian Conflict: The Full Roundup About the West Bank


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  1. 144dwilson, im not overly popular with the zionutters so they organise little zio spam bots to flag my comments – i think it has something to do with my rational tendency for honest facts and intolerance of hate speech of any kind, against any people, regardless of colour, sex or creed. I may have gotten one or 300 of these zionutters banned – Poor illiterate and old ‚crate‘ is next on my list.

  2. You can see by his self videos he’s an old foggy, yet he writes and posts puerile illiterate infantile comments tat are a waste of space, much as he obviously is judging by his posts..It’s no wonder he’s old wrinkly and alone. I allowed him to continue posting on here as he has noting of relevance to say, same as alikat but ive had enough of his trolling so ive decided to have him banned & removed –

    bye bye crate – we wont miss yur hate speech and illiterate spam

  3. @odogg1946 yeah just because leftie palestinian joined Assad killing spre. but guess what you idiot the first 400 u.s. troops just landed in turky lol. now it will get really interesting. because Iran is also on Assad side lol here goes the neighborhood lol

  4. Do you know of any good reasons why BCAllison comments should be flagged as spam? They are reasonable questions for any one to ask.

  5. It is a mess, the American tactic of using Islamist terror groups to destabilise Syria, is beginning to backfire, as it did in Libya and Iraq, if the Salafist groups get a hold on power in Syria expect the death toll to climb into the hundreds of thousands, america has unleashed something it has no control over. I have never liked Assad, he is as bad as they get, but he has kept the terrorists at bay. The good thing is to date the Syrian army has got the US backed terrorists just about beat.

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