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Israel Palestinian Conflict: The Full Roundup About the West Bank


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  1. @Osamabindansker

    If res 181 was unfair, why didn’t the arabs attack the UN building in New York or the countries who voted for the resolution , why did they attack the jews who only proclaimed their state on the territory alloted? Is it because the arabs are cowards , were afraid to attack US and USSR and thought the jews would be easy prey?

  2. @Osamabindansker

    Sure it was Palestine , the name was given to the territory by the ROMANS when the inhabitants were the jews , not the arabs.And Palestine was never an independent arab state , it was always ruled by others, for 400 years was ruled by the turks and later by the brits.And when the arab were offered a state in 1948 , they rejected the UN res 181 and went to war to destroy Israewl and kill the jews. And are still wondering why they got their ass whipped…

  3. @odogg1946

    Sure there were no palestinians and never was any independent palestinian state. Watch on youtube „Azmi Bishara “ , the arab professor who states that a palestinian people is just a fairy tale…

  4. @futuvancur1 The day and time is 2011. Nobody cares about resolution this and UN that. They are toothless sharks. Worthless! Israel needs to quit playing games and release Palestine to Palestine. With the ridiculous theft of land for settlements. If the Jews living there don’t like the plan move elsewhere. To think the Palestinians are going to leave their land is not going to happen. A peace treaty is stupid they get broken all the time.If you get rocket fire you are going to get it anyways.

  5. @futuvancur1 Everyone is annoyed about my relationship with dogg. Here are the facts on the matter. 1. He is telling the truth.(research his claims) 2. We share an identical problem in a different country. So, his people are close to my heart. 3. Ruling authorities rule and have no intention of enforcing these rulings. Do you have any idea how frustrating this is and the desire to take the problems into your own hands? 4. Dogg shows restraint by continuing to appeal to the ruling parties. TBC

  6. @futucancur1 My Dad is Osage Native American and only speaks a Lakota and Gaeltact. My mother only speaks Gaeltact and I am born and raised in Belfast they now call (The Gaeltact Quarter) This is how I hold dual citizenship. Both of my family members have lived being oppressed. How would you like living this way? We made the border in No, Ireland to corral the english and stop them from spreading the Republic.It also makes it easier to drop kick their asses back to england! Kat

  7. @futuvancur1 PT3What is the problem with turning over Palestine? Is it greed? If that isn’t the case what is your reason? If it is that the Palestinians will not acknowledge Israel as a state. Hell will freeze over first.You need to forget that nonsense! They will never bow their head or give you a slap on the back for handing their own land over.Peace Treaties are BS so you are out of options.Before the world gets pissed at you I would suggest you set things right.You are surrounded on 3 sides.

  8. @BRUI007 When you decide to speak like a man and not an adolescent. Maybe you will be taking seriously. All your insults and swearing every other word loose readers and they don’t take you truthfully. Basically you are a circus.Entertaining at best.Sorry but true.

  9. So because the UK said it was ok to just take the area it’s ok?

    This also doesn’t change anything about the fact that palestine and it’s people aren’t being given their human rights and that this situation causes suffering for civilians on both sides.

    If I had it my way both parties would STFU and reunite and work together but that will never happen.

  10. @futuvancur1 This is celtic and my problem is it is 2011 and this bullshit has been going on for way to long.With absolutely no sensible solutions to the conflict tells me you have no intentions of solving the conflict.That concludes that you want the conflict to continue.You have a border so use it and let the Palestinians have their country without your intervention I don’t have a problem with you personally I have a problem with Israel’s polices.I would never want to see you hurt in this mess

  11. @kindaserene9

    Yeah, the „palestinian genocide“ is very unique, from 1 million in 1948 „only“ 10 millions are alive now…
    And have you ever heard of the crimes of king Hussein against humanity who killed many more palestinian terrorist scumbags in merely 10 days in sep 1970 than were killed by ISRAEL in 11 years of Intifada? And for the „crimes“ of getting rid of those who tried to transform Jordan in a nest of terrorism, he was even praised and congratulated by the international community.

  12. @MrRichardSabsay ur saying that the country which was able to defeat 2 countries in what it called a „war of self-defense“ cant protect you from terrorsits like any other arab country, and that this has caused thousands of arab civilians to live in poverty for no reason?

  13. @kindaserene9 Hi! I have a question for you if you don’t mind. My family and I are moving to Israel and I have been talking with Jews and Palestinians. I have found Palestinians friendly and welcoming. I would like to locate in a predominating Palestinian neighborhood. Is this allowed and proper? I wouldn’t want to be unwanted as a neighbor. I am from Ireland and I don’t know how Palestinians feel about the Irish. I would really appreciate your opinion. Thanks


  15. @Aladdinkash I did not say that.I say that Israel is under constent attack and must always be ready.Israel is like no other country in that we R under threat all the time which is why we have the best army on Earth We do not bring any of this on us.The Arabs have been attcaking us from day1.4 time they made war on us and 4 time we beat them.


  17. @Aladdinkash The Arab world is very big and we R a small country yet the Arabs R obsessed with R destruction.Do they try and make peace with us after starting 4 wars?NO do they work 2 make a better world?NO.The Arabs do little 2 help the pals infact most Arab countrys won’t even let them be citizens.I support peace and a better life 4 both sides do U?

  18. I can see by your comments that all the intelligent NAZI’S have gone home! YOU probably have GAS! LOL

    lets see if you have anything intelligent to offer, you have my permission to make an absolute twat of yourself!

  19. You don’t see anything, you are deaf,dumb and blind just like the monkeys that see,hear and speak no evil. I also don’t need your validation of my intellect. It is like asking a monkey if I am smarter than it. You are beneath me.lolol..

  20. I don’t need a monkey’s permission, you are an unemployed bum living in the UK probably. A keyboard warrior without the drive to go and get a You are a twat and you didn’t even need your mum’s permission for that. You were born that way. And don’t kid yourself that biased comments are intelligent, you are an ignoramus.lololololololol..

  21. Now Ed it is a good thing to work and make a decent living for you and your family. There is a time in life for retirement and some ppl continue on in business and others do anything they want. So some ppl on this site could be in retirement and want to debate this conflict which is their choice. So you see it doesn’t automatically mean someone is jobless. You have a good day at work and I hope all the rain you guys have been having doesn’t mess up your day.

  22. crate has a tablet with her everywhere he goes..i can only assume, based upon her YT rants that is it some kind of anti psychotic tablet that he is mandated by law to carry, or perhaps it is a tablet for court ordered chemical castration.
    Her..? its obvious crate aka ed hunter are elena, the russian emigrant

  23. @odogg1946 non stop. between music and work. i didn’t watch regular tv for almost four years now. my writing skills suck i admit. but i am sharp as razor he he

  24. Hi Dogg! I have been checking up on the Syrian war and the death numbers are horrible. I am wondering why refugees in Turkey and Lebanon are not getting food and warm clothing. Whoever is in charge of these situations needs to get their ass in gear because it is winter and ppl are hungry!

  25. Hi Crate! No I’m not Dogg. We are friends though and Dogg has taught me a lot about this conflict. Just because ppl share the same opinion doesn’t mean they are the same person you know?

  26. The labeling someone as being a number of different contributors is a tactic celtic, it serves to de-legitimise an individual persons comments, like how can you believe anything he says he is 6 different people, he’s a troll etc, its a de-legitimising tactic thats all, I know elana uses it all the time, she claims that you are naive, and that I am 6 different commenters, lol, I find just being 1, myself sufficient. crate does not have a brain between his ears,he is a burnt out stoner, lol.

  27. Thats the thing about being burnt out and stoned, all the time, you are mostly in a rambling delusional state 24 hrs a day, with an over inflated perception of the effect you have, or in your case don’t have. lol

  28. @odogg1946 i am not burned out half wit muslim like u. i have my own mind and i make my own path in life. you are an idiot and recist fool. i have no respect for you at all. u are a joke clown dirty minded moron

  29. It is a mess, the American tactic of using Islamist terror groups to destabilise Syria, is beginning to backfire, as it did in Libya and Iraq, if the Salafist groups get a hold on power in Syria expect the death toll to climb into the hundreds of thousands, america has unleashed something it has no control over. I have never liked Assad, he is as bad as they get, but he has kept the terrorists at bay. The good thing is to date the Syrian army has got the US backed terrorists just about beat.

  30. Do you know of any good reasons why BCAllison comments should be flagged as spam? They are reasonable questions for any one to ask.

  31. @odogg1946 yeah just because leftie palestinian joined Assad killing spre. but guess what you idiot the first 400 u.s. troops just landed in turky lol. now it will get really interesting. because Iran is also on Assad side lol here goes the neighborhood lol

  32. You can see by his self videos he’s an old foggy, yet he writes and posts puerile illiterate infantile comments tat are a waste of space, much as he obviously is judging by his posts..It’s no wonder he’s old wrinkly and alone. I allowed him to continue posting on here as he has noting of relevance to say, same as alikat but ive had enough of his trolling so ive decided to have him banned & removed –

    bye bye crate – we wont miss yur hate speech and illiterate spam

  33. 144dwilson, im not overly popular with the zionutters so they organise little zio spam bots to flag my comments – i think it has something to do with my rational tendency for honest facts and intolerance of hate speech of any kind, against any people, regardless of colour, sex or creed. I may have gotten one or 300 of these zionutters banned – Poor illiterate and old ‚crate‘ is next on my list.

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