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Rock’n Roll Christmas – Animated Christmas Lights On House 2011 (Slayer)


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  1. According to the number of thumbs ups on my comment, I am not the only one offended. I probably overreacted, but the thing is that this is one of the best Slayer songs. So the only people that click dislike likely do so because they don’t even like Slayer, so it is simply disrespectful. I could also go visit a hiphop video and click dislike. The video by Slayer Bob is well done, so the 182 dislikes are just completely unfair, but you are right, there is no need to get so upset over it.

  2. I think Slayer was going for more of an evil atmospheric sound to the song, not the most sophisticated song they could write. Can you expect anything more from a song titled „South of Heaven“

  3. If I celebrated this Christian-mass you all speak of then I would do it like this.
    FYI Christian-mass comes from the ancient holiday Saturnalia. 🙂
    Merry Slayturnalia!

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