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Kristen Stewart Explains Christmas


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  1. Why don’t you be really cool and do a video bashing muhammed or whatever they call him, or are you too scared you’d get issued with a death sentence? You hypocrites are so careful being politically correct with everyone else besides Christians, you are just pathetic.

  2. That’s awesome. LoL That girl does look similar…but she actually is prettier I think…but she got Kristen Stewart down right…her movement…gestures….etc.

    This is actually making fun of Kristen Stewart…saying she is an idiot.

  3. It is interesting that at Christmas we open „presents“, becuase the present moment is the greatest gift that life gives us. It is the only thing we have at all times, the only real thing that never ends. We eventually end up throwing out most christmas presents, because they cannot last forever. But the present moment does.Search Truth Contest in google and click on the first result. Then read „The Present“, to understand the nature of the present moment.

  4. this is sooooooooooo offensive. Why dont we ever see any ridicule any other religion except Christianity?????? why is it that Christianity is alwaysssssss persectuted???? Shame on you hollywood, Kristen i will never watch any movie you are in

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