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9/11: A Complete Conspiracy Theory (Full Review)


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  1. @bloggulator
    Yes the amount of deception is sickening.
    When evidence points to the involvement of several NWO ranks and Zionist perps, people are just not interested in the truth. Of course this is a highly dangerous state, since the first phase of the de-population program has already been introduced with 9/11. On top of that we have the Prescott Bush/PsyOp connection.
    Shills and/or fake truthers like @huffpostcensor will do anything to point the discussion AWAY from this. It’s censorship.

  2. from Patriots Question 9/11 (dot) com:
    Wayne Madsen — Former U.S. Navy Intelligence Officer, specialist in electronic surveillance and security…

    Speech 11/11/06 : “… September 11, 2001, was the result of a highly-compartmentalized covert operation to bring about a fascist coup in this country. …

  3. @skipjack02 ~ They were Navy SEALS, but your question is a good one. I will respond to your question with more questions:
    1. Did they kill OBL, or was he dead years before, possibly just before 9/11?
    2. Was Pat Tillman killed by ‘friendly fire’?
    3. What happened to the people in this video?:
    Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses

  4. Since this video we have seen the invasion of Libya using fake videos by BBC. We are seeing Syria being set up for the same, although Russia has provided missile that can sink a US aircraft carrier and other equipment. Iran is being set up and explosions have occurred there recently. Russia and China will support Iran. Pakistan was attacked and 24 soldiers killed. No apology has been given. Pakistan and China are conducting joint military drills and China has said that Pakistan will be defended.

  5. @patthespark Pakistan has ordered USA to remove an air base and the supply route for equipment and fuel to troops in Afghanistan. Russia may block the last supply route, leaving troops without supplies unless aircraft are used. If USA is forced to use aircraft to supply troops, these are likely to become targets for shoulder-launch missile systems.
    9-11 did not happen as reported. Planes do not fly through buildings without slowing down.

  6. guys, you are all wrong! 9/11 wasn’t an inside job, it was an alien attack! the US government is trying to cover up that fact and also destroyed their alien base in afghanistan camouflaging it as a war on terrorists!
    you don’t believe me? proof me wrong, bitch!

  7. If you have doubts about the Official Story, please do some research.
    book: Debunking 9/11 Debunking, by David Ray Griffin
    uDnhBIuNzSU (just cut and paste to YT search box)
    Military Officers for 9/11 Truth
    All truthers agree on this: The Official Story is filled with lies.

  8. You forgot one thing to mention. The conspiracy theorists who know this all, are telling it to everybody who wants or don’t wants to hear about it and are left alone to do so till the end of time.

  9. Great Video, Wake up America!!! I LOVE my Country ” U.S.A. ” And it’s people. However I can’t stand for the repeated LIES of our 2 Government’s ? Yes 2, First Israel, then America. Stop killing our kids in these WARS FOR ISRAEL! Over a decade in WAR, how many Israeli Soldiers have died for Weapons of Mass Destruction,let’s not forget FREEDOM. NONE!!!

    America it’s time to WAKE UP.

  10. @hep48
    I just pointed out that it’s unlikely that the guy who wrote the message is actually a US citizen as you can see from his poor grammar (or a high-school dropout), strange enough he’s feeling the need to emphasize his nationality in such a way.
    Oh yeah…you really got me dumbass .”lol” is absolutely inappropriate to use on the internet, much pardon…
    Is there a term for your style of argumentation, too? Cause I’d call it argumentum ad absurdum.

  11. Trust the Government God is Real God is Watching Believe in Government God Rebellion Is Not Tolerated Consume Obey Consume Obey Trust the US Government God is Real God is Watching Believe In Government God Rebellion is Not Tolerated God is Real God is Watching Obey Consume Obey Consume Worship Consume Believe Do Not Question Government Believe in Government


  12. The Smoking Gun behind 9/11 can be found in Donald Rumsfeld address on 9/10 and the connections to the terrorist targeted sites that were linked to the missing Trillions, This is a Follow the Money scenario, Just for the fact we are told not to entertain conspiracy theories gives even more reason to be a conspiracy theorist, and what does history tell us about conspiracy theories ? They are usually true, do you get the feeling the U.S. Government is no longer in charge of America ? hmmmmmmm

  13. 9/11 Flight 93 Victims Husband – Cell Phones Dont Work On The Plane, Thats What I Am Thinkin’


  14. Egyptian General – 9/11 Was An Inside Job

    FALSE FLAG – Gulf of Tonkin

    why bush and Dick Cheney should go to jail

  15. 3 Questions 9 11 Truthers Don’t Want You To Ask Them debunked – An Informative Video – YouTube.wmv

    Address by PM Netanyahu at 9.11 Ceremony, Jerusalem House of Quality

    9/11 Truth – A Crash Course

    Israel and Palestine in under 5 minutes

  16. 9/11 Family Member “I Get Used As A Sacred Cow”

    Bill O’Reilly attacks 9/11 victim’s son

    3.The Ring of Power – Profiting from 9 11 [3 29]

  17. @harryramma
    For all we know, the NWO Zionists 9/11 perps will be executed once the depopulation program has be established.
    Shills still live under the illusion that their lives will find sme meaning with the New World Order. What they don’t know is how disposabötheir work, and their personas are. Just ask some youtube shills.

  18. @voodoowichdoctor
    Thanks for the link.
    Funny how there isn’t even a staed Pntagon video to begin with. Just look up the parallls to Prescott Bush. One could tink shadow governments could offer more than THAT.

  19. One can’t help but wonder if the shills on this thread really think they’d get away with their lives after this cver-up.
    I for my part would ask myself if pointing the gun at my head is necessary. A company called @Strategic @Communications @Laboratories is monitorin this thread. They are specialized in Behavioral Research.

  20. Shills like @megamogx may post information that is seemingly accurate.
    The way they deliver the info though is highly suspicious, and may be well described as a criminal act. New truthseekers are simply overwhelmed by the amount of incoherent links, hence the will for further research is lessened.
    Just one of the slick deception techniques in th shills’ repertoire.

  21. @Plays4Fun2 “missing Trillions”

    So why is it that only a couple of uneducated conspiracy freaks think that trillions of dollars are “missing?”

    No one in Congress thinks so. No journalist in the entire world thinks this is true.

    Maybe it’s because the Truthies can’t read a simple sentence, and think that thieves announce their work on national TV?

    Yeah, they really are that stupid.

  22. @crazysb235 “zionist govt indefinte military detention of citizens”

    Another Muslim cocksucker in the Truthie Cult — big surprise.

    Just one more degenerate pig who worships a Prophet who fucked nine-year-old girls, because the adult women laughed at his tiny Arab dick.

    Time to nuke Mecca, and make it glow in the dark for a thousand years.

  23. To bring building 7 down into its footprint required that all 58 perimeter columns and 25 core columns be destroyed simultaneously.

    Any asymmetry in damage would cause asymmetric collapse:
    the building would topple.

    No combination of rubble impact damage, fires, or fuel tank explosions could have destroyed all columns simultaneously, as required to cause a vertical collapse.

    Only controlled demolitions have achieved vertical collapses of upright steel structures
    investigatebuilding7 (dot) org

  24. Conspiracy theorists are stupid enough to believe whatever other conspiracy theorists tell them. They would never have thought to come up with these ideas if other people with weak ideas that fall down under scientific scrutiny hadn’t told them about them.

  25. @chablyukk You sir are an Idiot if you can not even understand the Physics of free fall. Go back to grade 7 and read a book…

    Blueprint for Truth-The Architecture of Destruction

    9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out



    If you want to deny Physics and Witnesses, and Americans long history of false flags then the Zionist mind control of your weak mind has worked…

  26. About the @megamogx shill:
    Haha, dumbo here obviously got confused with his scripts from @Strategic @Communications @Laboratories and is mixing stuff up on the spot, accidentally posting youtube videos even though he was propagating books.
    This is basically one of those shills playing the wolf-in-sheeps-clothing game by posing as a fake truther. Just one of the slick PsyOp techniques shills are trained to perform.
    Your presence is the best evidence of a hideous cover up going on.

  27. Rudy Giuliani Says Information About Boxcutters And Knives Turned Out Not To Be True


    9/11 Meet The Press OBL Training Video

  28. @regardretard1 That was obviously the point. The fact is, people still have faith in their government and this is supposed to make you think otherwise. If you trust the government, you will never truly know who the culprits are. You will believe everything they tell you. This is to wake people up.

  29. @JDPublicEnemyNo1

    youre right to go against conspiracy theories. like the theory that On the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 men armed with boxcutters directed by a man on dialysis in a cave fortress halfway around the world using a satellite phone and a laptop directed the most sophisticated penetration of the most heavily-defended airspace in the world, etc

    check the transcript and sources, youll find no theories, only facts. do you also “go against” facts too?

  30. @Huffy “After ten long years, is it really unreasonable for the victims family to want these questions answered, through a proper, independent, transparent investigation with subpoena power, to examine all evidence, and hear all testimony, under oath, and cross examination by experts, to convince a jury, beyond all reasonable doubt, as to the true nature of events of 9/11.
    tinyurl (dot) com/nm5q8” – This is what we all want

  31. More recently shills must be starting to get a clue that their lives are actually more on the line than the people they are being paid to snow.
    Run faster little hampsters. Just run faster. Flag ALL our posts as SPAM.
    Show your handlers, how useless and dangerous you are to them. How your activity here WILL continue to exponentially draw more and more attention to their crimes.
    Can’t rustle up a convincing reply? No problem. Just flag it as SPAM and hope nobody sees their common patterns.

  32. @TyroneSandalphon
    Excuse me, Einstein, but we have seen you and @RonaldWieck at work together on many pages of this vid. Your comments are designed to trivialize the fact that paid shills like yourselves are monitoring this thread and posting off the wall shit to dilute the focus from two things.
    1. All NWO related discussions.
    2. That you are minority shills that POSE as truthers, to keep ppl puzzled, hence too UNalarmed to read back into this thread and see the truth you are paid to bury.

  33. @AnOffensiveName
    Bud. Try to stay aware that the shills have been at least smart enough to zone you into the very center of their preferred prove-this, prove-that pissing contest.
    Meanwhile you just pushed every eye-opening post I just posted off the front page and probably just made 37 new truth seekers yawn and go back to watching clips from past episodes of Simon Cowell productions.
    How smart is that, bro?
    Do you still think you are smarter than a shill?
    Or are you one?

  34. The only really huge problem with joining shills in arguments about the physics of 9/11, is that the shills olove it since that is time spent that keeps you from applying any focus on the topic of !WHO! actually did 9/11 and how 9/11 was only a small part of the NWO master plan to depopulate the world by force.

  35. More recently a few shills seem 2b starting to get a clue their lives are higher up on the hit list that the people they are paid to snow.
    Run faster little hampsters. Just run faster. Flag ALL our posts as SPAM.
    Show your handlers, how useless and dangerous you are to them. How your activity here WILL continue to exponentially draw more and more attention to their crimes.
    Can’t rustle up a convincing reply? No problem. Just flag it as SPAM and hope nobody sees the pattern.

  36. To the @huffpostcensor shill/fake truther
    Funny you should say that when it is clear you seem perfectly happy with piling on more regurgitations of the same thousands of uninteresting posts that got this thread to the viewership that it has,
    Maybe you should check out a more convincing username from your supervisor’s alias assignment list.
    Quite frankly, what’s MOST boring to me is you needing to keep things so SELECTIVELY AND RESTRICTIVELY “on-topic” that nothing EVER becomes clear to people.

  37. @AnOffensiveName EDIT:
    Do you even read a thread before you comment?
    Do you realize that a shill is perfectly happy to use you as a sockpuppet to push other discussions back into the vortex of unpleasant, unprovable (without a new investigation) details?
    Do you understand that live conversation is more interesting to new @TruthSeekers than to wade back through 5 pages to see what some a shill said 8 hours ago?
    Do you understand shills WANT you to give them excuses to re-post their diversions?

  38. note the subtle difference? a capital “i” instead of an “l”



    lol – the desperate @regardretard1 has resorted to impersonating other posters now. who do you think youre fooling, fool? ahhh i know, the six percent who come here who cant tell the difference between a collapse and an explosion!

    keep up the good work chump. the more you post, the more you expose yourself as an object of utter ridicule.

  39. @TyroneSandaIphon WTF is this Regurge-a-turd? Using my name? There is only one. I think you probably broke YouTube Terms and Conditions there. I hope they evaporate all your shill accounts LOOSER!

  40. @AllFolks

    You can easily write off the person behind the regardretard1 bot account (fake truther).
    all he does is bitch and moan because people simply demand justice for the families of the victims of the criminal events of 911, of which, to this day, noone has been held to account.

    why would anyone complain about a proper investigation if they were being truthful and honest?

    no answer retard?

  41. note the subtle difference? a capital “i” instead of an “l”



    lol – the desperate @regardretard1 has resorted to impersonating other posters now. who do you think youre fooling, fool? ahhh i know, the six percent who come here who cant tell the difference between a collapse and an explosion!

    keep up the good work chump. the more you post, the more you expose yourself as an object of utter ridicule.

  42. so now we have at least 3 accounts attributable to the one person here.

    @TyroneSandaIphon – not to be confused with the persons account hes impersonating…


    his desperation, as plain as the growing nose on his ridiculous face. keep up the good work chump. the more you post, the more you expose yourself as an object of utter ridicule.

  43. ive told the retard if he can post anything ive said, that could be considered by anyone with a functioning frontal lobe, that i, in any way represent anything other than an honest call for an independent transparent investigation, because…, tinyurl (dot) com/c37scoa

    then ill do the right thing and leave. ive also suggested if he cant do that,? then he should leave. in short, put up, or shut up.

    as he cant put up,

  44. So it seems Regurge-a-turd has created an account with the same name except he has substituted the letter “L” for “i” printed in upper case like “I” When both these letters are printed on your screen using YouTube’s type set they both look exactly the same ” So the only way to tell who is who [apart from the bloody obvious] is to hover your mouse over the user name and look for that letter “i” [for ignoramus] and you will know it is shill boy.

  45. @Jim5769
    Search Time: 14 seconds
    Matching Shill Aliases found: 18
    Heuristic Filter: Off
    Base Account: @Jim
    Folks, I have to thank @Jim5769 for coming here and giving us a textbook example of a shill. Just scrap the number ” @5769 ” (which is meant to numerate the various sockpuppet accounts) and swift through the placeholder SCL usernames, mostly blank profile pages reserved for future use by shills.
    @Jim. @Jim1. @Jim2. and so on. Blimey, they even thought about @Jim666.

  46. @Cartoonyworld109 ~ You wrote, “If 9/11 was fake, then why would the government kill thousands of Americans and blow up their own towers and start 2 wars? Just think.” Good question!
    After the “perpetraitors” are found guilty of mass murder and getting this country into two unnecessary wars and the neverending War on Terror, perhaps they will be good enough to tell us. Was it NWO? MIC profits? oil and lithium? hegemony and warped patriotism?
    The evidence tells WHAT, not WHY.

  47. Concerning the staged triangle debate between @hotguyatthebeach. @hehefromhere and @cartoonyworlds109
    Folks, this is the kind of shit shills have been doing for years here: A primary shill sets the trap by asking for the reasons of 9/11 just to get a decoy answer by the fake truthers.
    Of course none of them would point out the global elites’ interest in 9/11 taking place as a catalyst for future depopulation experiments financed by numerous NWO connected Zionists.

  48. @TyroneSandalphon – well i have a place there for personal messages it seems, you can give it a burl if ya like, i wouldnt know how to send one though… unless its just a matter of hitting reply.

    whod have thought that the regurde-a-turd – lol very apt btw, would have been so desperate as to blatantly hijack your username. not that he had any credibility to begin with, but the stupidity of such a thing is beyond comprehension.

    myth huggers, aww, bless their tiny minds 🙂

  49. @jwaldman69 said – “Would sombody explain 3:12?”

    It seems to be the FBI “cleaning” up the evidence, never to be seen again. there has never been ANY forensic evidence that links to any of the planes said to have crashed that day, so no proof it was what they say. In the case of Shanksville, lol , that must be the only plane crash in history where the plane cleans up after itself. ( funny crash ` with debris spread over almost 10 miles ; ie shot down. )

    tinyurl (dot) com/7r2nvtp

  50. @AlQaedaIsReal “So WHERE is the evidence of an “inside job”?!?
    Oh. That’s right. There is none’
    theres heaps dumbo, heres some for starters
    More information has surfaced which conclusively demonstrates the aircraft reportedly used on 9/11, were airborne well after their alleged crashes.

    tinyurl (dot) com/7g7ouo4

    not to mention buildings simply can not self destruct like building 7 did but you dont want to know that

  51. @AlQaedaIsReal “So WHERE is the evidence of an “inside job”?!?”

    also, shit for brains, if you simply click the link in the description, youll find the transcript to this video, and the sources, with plenty of unrefuted evidence that shows there is good reason to question the bullshit of the official story

    inside job, may be pedantic, but one things certain, it didnt happen the way were being told. hence the reason for a new investigation. whats wrong? you scared of the truth?

  52. @AlQaedaIsReal “So WHERE is the evidence of an “inside job”?!?”

    where the evidence of bin laden dying in pakistan recently?
    where the evidence matching the flights to the planes we were told crashed?
    theres also plenty of evidence that yes, al-cia-duh is real… lol… a real cia organisation dufus!

    youre a joke.. but not funny haha, funny weird..

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