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More UFO Sightings To Shake Your World


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  1. Funny to see all you conspiracy fucks that believe in something that can’t be proven or disproven. The same way you fucking idiots apply your bullshit logic on people who believe in religion ( and actually do something worth while in society), point your snobby fingers to yourselves and shove it right up your asses.

    “OH NOES, ALIENS IS GONNA BE TAKING OVER DAH PLANET”…..your all fucking stupid and are easily controlled by conspiracy theories.

    Peace out faggots.

  2. @lurchipoo I get wat ur saying about conspiracy theorists but religious people are exactly the same always getting mad wen others dont believe in their god and always trying to push their religion on others and people go into churches and put on their best behavior but wen they leave they show their real colors people just use religion so they can feel good about themselves but they never follow their god’s rules. I’d rather be an outspoken atheist then a fukn hypocrite

  3. why is this so surprising. our universe is 78 billion lighters across with thousands of Galaxys most like ours. so to think that we are the “only” life form is ridiculous.

  4. This “aliens” that we think exist are actually there. An earlier precursor of the space program DID make contact with them. I remember hearing Armstrong say during a speech, this new generation, can advance if they “uncover truth’s protective layers”. Demons posing as aliens. There are waiting for the Anti-Christ to arise and they will force, or help the world unite under him, posing as aliens. I am sure they will get worship and praise. Hence the New World Religion. You don’t bow? You die.

  5. So I ask you as human beings, what will you do? Will you stand up for what is right against all the adversary? It shouldn’t be a choice! You can find true eternal salvation through Jesus Christ! It’s such a good thing to know that no matter what happens, no matter how big of a force we face, they can’t touch our soul, for it lies in the palm of God. Fear not. The time is now, the threat is clear. Viva La Resistance!

  6. well considering all religions are most likely based on aliens i wouldnt be suprised about that one over jerusalem, probably just checking to see if the people it left are still killing each other

  7. @30598304 yes the accretion disk of a black hole would implode our solar system upon even mere allignment as well yes if it was a schwarzchild wormhole for the event horizon would instantly crash with any other form.

  8. Do i believe in Aliens? Yes. Do i think they have visited? Nope. I’m of the mind that A: It’s too far, B most civilizations would wipe themselves out before reaching the technological ability to invent and invest in getting to us. Do you think we will be able to reach other stars before we destroy ourselves? or reap such havoc that interplanetatry travel will be far down the list of priorities? (I know this is based on human characteristics, but at the moment that’s all there is to go by).

  9. How does something “appear to disappear into a black hole”? They aren’t easy to detect, and were not accepted as real until a short time ago by most physicists, even Stephen hawkins. And we don’t detect black holes by sight, as by their very nature, we can’t see them. They are detected by the gravitational affect they have upon light passing by them.

  10. honestly i dnt noe if this is really a ufo but i think that us as humans who havent evenbeen in other planets or seen outside the univers dnt cnt really noe if their are other life forms out there and even more noe their type of living or technology 🙂

  11. @DanTraxex If you can do the exact same effects, do it and put in on youtube so that we can see it. And just to let you know it’s Believe* and yes us American’s do believe because unlike other’s we aren’t simple minded, we know that there are other things out there somewhere….if we can have whales and other sea creatures on our own planet, why can’t there be other things on other planets?

  12. That UFO in China resulting in the closing of airports is likely the USAF/DARPA Dark Falcon. The contrails behind the UFO are typical contrails left by hypersonic aircraft.

    Most of the sightings in this video were already debunked as hoaxes…

  13. If you want to know more about what these things are, I suggest taking a look at Alaje the Pleiadian’s channel.. He talks of a higher spirituality with the universe and a love of all creation.

    Alaje – Swedish Sub (1-4) /watch?v=cl40FYl7_IY&list=PLE472EA5A901D828C
    Peace(: And believe if you will

  14. There are always two groups: The dark ones (call them satanic) and the light ones (call them divine). In between there are the ignorant grey masses, which even ignore that evil does exist or thinking over what they could do about it (by living this bad way, they are working for the dark ones, though perhaps not knowing about it). Sheeple, as the Illuminati (= probably the children of the Fallen Angels with humans) call them.

  15. “If everyone knows about alien, so this name not is alien again!” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL this guy has ALL the answers LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, but seriously, this is pretty crazy stuff.

  16. I have videos of presidents, air force officers, generals & astronauts all admitting aliens & their space crafts are here.I know how to literally bring the aliens right to me & I’m going to do it as soon as I get the funds.See the truth about the aliens explained better than ever before at my free website alienspaceshipidentified Google search engine. I swear if you read the entire website & watch all of the video evidence you will understand the truth about the aliens.

  17. “Is it a balloon? A UFO? We don’t know!” Well, then, the answer is obvious; it’s an UNIDENTIFIED Flying Object. See, if we KNEW it was a balloon, for example, it wouldn’t be “Unidentified,” right?

  18. “Extra-dimensional beings.” Beings that deceive the human race and have the destruction of human life in mind. Hmmm. Now, where have I heard that sort of thing before? Oh, yes, I remember! In church!

  19. No, no, I think sarah might actually be a government employee. Did you check out her spelling and punctuation? At the very least, she attended government-run schools.

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