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Still Alive Played By Floppy Drives


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  1. @Sammy1Am well if you learn something i guess its ok… actuallly i would like to learn to do stuff like this cause i have no idea…
    but when i commented i was commenting because i dont find it amusing comparing to other youtube videos… i find the tesla music more entertaining cause there is a risk of someone getting shocked 🙂

  2. @navyseai Tesla music is definitely more entertaining (I would LOVE to have some Tesla coils laying around, but alas…) If you’re looking for dangerous music though, look up pyrophones. They’re like organs, but with fire!

  3. @Nytram510 The software is available at the link in the doobly-doo. But at a high level, I have a Java program and reads MIDI files and converts the notes into periods (the inverse frequency). The Java code sends the periods to an Arduino that steps the drive’s read head once per the specified period.

  4. @TrewstuffMusic I’m sorry for the horribly slow response (my email’s been sort of inundated lately). Any 3.5″ drive that follows the standard pin-out will be fine (old Macintosh floppies have a different connector and will not). You can tear up the floppy ribbon-type cable, or just make your down. I’m using Cat5, but anything should work just fine.

  5. Well you can rest easy knowing that they’ll be just fine. I’m not doing anything they wouldn’t do under normal operation, I’m just varying the speed at which they do it. =)

  6. I love the fact I live in a world where there are people with the time, ability, apptitude, vision and sheery inner-nerdiness to make a thing like this a reality. <3

  7. this song was arranged by the older computers to tell us that they are still alive and deserve to not be forgoton! i mean, GLaDOS was torn to pieces and burned alive, all the older computers have had done to them is being burried in boxes in attics colecting dust. surley they must be lonely!

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