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Miniatur Wunderland – Largest Mini Railway Model In The World


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  1. I’m ready to buy a ticket to Hamburg!! What an amazing place! I know my dad would have appreciated this since he was a model railroader for years! Bet he’s watching from the Other Side!

  2. @juhutrallala You’ve obviously never been to Germany because those trains will leave your ass in a heartbeat if it is time to leave. Same with the bus system too. It is by far the best mass transit I’ve ever been on, but a bit pricey.

  3. Dude — sell the sizzle, not the steak. Having seen a five-minute trailer, I feel like I could pretty much build the thing. No need to fly to Hamburg to see it again.

  4. @willray411 Well, in fact, I am German. This whole train thing is just fucked up, you have to admit. Trains in Germany are either on schedule or they’re completely off it. Like last week I had to wait for an ICE for 3 1/2 hrs, no kidding.

    And, since I am German, I like to focus on the bad stuff.

    Except for all that REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD stuff that happened about 70 years ago, let’s forget about that.
    Wait, the railway system had something to do with that, too! (full circle!)

  5. My partner took me here for my birthday. Saturday was very busy with many children so we returned again on monday. Truly fantastic and an inspiration to modellers of any age

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  8. I’m sorry, but no one else is to blame for those who can’t even raise their own ’starving children‘. The reason why some people have ‚money‘ to build stuff like this is because they work for it. Lazy assholes who slave for alcohol and make a living „blaming“ other people for having money are only making excuses for themselves so they don’t have to raise their own damned kids. Shit even my family started out poor as hell but are where we are today because of our dedication to work.

  9. Lol what’s wrong, getting offended by what I said? I’m sorry, but you’re gonna have to accept that what I’m saying is the truth. Your life is your damn problem, noone else’s:)

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