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How-To: Holography


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  1. @armegeddon11 Not with this kit. Notice how the hologram only shows in red light and that you need an actual object to make a hologram of. The methods for commercial applications (IDs, packaging, etc) are different than this method.

  2. 2pac wasn’t a hologram, magic trick from the 1800’s, reflect light off glass. google it, don’t believe everything your hear in the media!

  3. @DIAKOURSHEET A projector above stage pointed down at a mirror which angled the reflection to a big sheet of Mylar (basically a clear sheet that can pick up the reflection really well.) the image the projector showed was tupac. When snoop dogg went onstage he was behind the Mylar.

  4. The “effect” used in the Tupac/Snoop show is commonly referred to as “the Pepper’s Ghost Illusion” there are many versions of it in use, including the sideshow effect where the girl appears to become a gorilla right before your eyes, used to be a big attraction at Cony Island in the 60s.

  5. I have an urge to make a large scale version of that. just need to figure out where to get bigger peices of film.

  6. @lunazzi wrong my friend he just did it so you can say all you want how it doesn’t exist but it does. And you’re no expert if you haven’t done this before XD

  7. There’s a full-color version of this hologram kit being offered at Kickstarter called DIY Full-Color Hologram Kit. Same company, same “instant hologram” film (in color), but with lasers in red, green, and blue. Approx. $185-235.

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