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Skyrim – Home Of a Serial Killer


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  1. Awesome. Can you pin body parts to walls with arrows? You could crucify some bodies, too.

    I plan on making a psycho melee character next, and now I know how I’m going to decorate my house 🙂

  2. I understand this game takes place in a supposedly darker period with Gothic-style monuments and such, but is there a reason why all the women look like vampires?

  3. Rather hilarious and creative. I admire your dedication. Does this house usually have a sepia filter, or did you add it afterwards for the extra allusion to Silent Hill?

    I really hope this doesn’t get forwarded to Fox News. I work at a retail store, and don’t want to have to deal with idiot parents (who bought it knowing it’s a mature title) returning it in an outraged panic. Can’t take resposibility until someone on a fair an unbiased show tells them to.

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