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BCB Wall Breaker Cannon


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  1. @macleod57 if you fill it with cement and launch it at 1000 psi it probably could. With water at normal preassure, you may crack some outer layer blocks and create one hell of a splash 😛

  2. Pretty impressive against these puny walls. I’d like to see what happens when launched against a properly built wall. Its not gonna blow the entire wall to smithereens like that if it was built to most US codes.

  3. 鉄筋コンクリートなんかだと無理だろなぁ、



  4. if the op team is using THAT as a entry method to save my ass….i will rather shoot myself right away…what a shitty job BCB

  5. People that are leaving negative comments are ridiculous, its about being open minded this is just an invention that can have a good purpose for something one day, so deal with it.

  6. This is definately a lethal weapon, deployed by police to knock down doors and walls in an emergency, If that thing can tear through a van wall, it would flatten a human skull beyond recognition.
    Being hit by that projectile will be as bad as being hit by a lorry.

  7. It is impressive but most van sides and brick walls only setup with blocks and mortar are not all that strong. Once you pore mortar or cement and add re-bar in the block there is where most of the strength come from.

  8. MACLEOD57 os right the mortar used in the soints looks more like drywall joint compound. Dope cannon… Has no chance against a REAL wall.

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