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Two Turkeys on Thanksgiving Wrecking their Corvettes in The Woodlands


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  1. @coolmunky88 Actually, that would be an overall bad idea, because, sure they get screwed over, but then what happens to the premiums for everyone else? They go up as well for those of us who have sports cars and want to enjoy them while KNOWING how to drive, but how do you prove it to the insurance company? They wouldn’t understand the passion behind the car scene, so we all lose thanks to people who can’t drive like this.

  2. You should have blocked their plates in the video, the only time plates should not be blocked if the guy hit someone and/or is a complete ass on the road… But these guys have to pay for their mistakes, and it could happen to anyone… car’s like these don’t make you a F1 driver, but they do feel good driving them, anyways the plate numbers should have been blocked in the video. Everyone has done this at some point.

  3. @mooreofstephen
    I turned them in, went down to the police station while they were there and invited both of them to fight. Like mooreofstephen and his sissy friends, they declined. So, I know you’re a fag and can’t help that but be aware that we straights don’t take any crap from shirley-girls like you. Now, go buy your boyfriend a Starbucks and mind your manners little fellow.

  4. @Bachaas i could give a rats ass what you think of domestic car give me the same amount of money you wanna spend on a Mercedesbenz, and I’ll go out and get me something like a second gen F-body and put that same amount of money in it and not only will it blow the doors of your pretty little mercedes but it will go longer with out breaking it will turn more heads, oh im sure you dont know so I’ll tell you a F-body is the camaro and the firebird

  5. Morons…Corvettes are cars you need to learn to drive…they are not as forgiving as other high performance racers. People with no skills have no business in a Corvette. If you are going to spend the money but lack the know-how, buy a GTR…much more forgiving and precise, not to mention faster.

  6. @andreanr79 Sure it was for his family and friends… That’s why he leaves the license plates for public view.. then he is all too happy to go to the news channel interview and wishes police files charges against these people… . It is clear what this guy is trying to do, and yes karma is a bitch you like it or not. Enough said.

  7. Trying to drive and record at the same time with your wife and kids in the car thats really smart too idiot. Lets” see how stupid you are?” lol! Everything is bigger in Texas except brains You must be a proud Texan..

  8. @thawhiteazn That’s great…but only “if” they rule it a race. Think of how many go claimed on insurance policies and everyone’s rates go up because of it. Obviously you don’t live in Texas or you would be just as concerned as I am. There is no reason that a person with a spotless driving wrecker should be paying triple digit car insurance premiums on a minivan! It’s the uninsured, under-insured and idiot motorist costing premiums to go up for those of us that are law abiding citizens!

  9. watch?v=vVv5T4_wDLc
    And this one. Jeezus. If you fed all the accident data into a Stastics program I think you’d find the vette is a Manufacturing defect.

  10. i would have rolled down my window and slowed down right next to them and just be like ………AHAHAHAHAAHAHA FUCKING RICH IDIOTS!!!!!!

  11. and this is why insurance companies want to execute anyone who buys a moderetly fast car they think we are like these two nimrods and its not the case

  12. Wow Gavin you sound like a cotton picking niegga. So how much welfare did you collect to get a computer or laptop?

  13. do you know how much of a fucking dumb cunt you sound right now? wonder why your comment received negative votes. you claim to be a woman, now try to act like one.

  14. Hey blazian just because your douchebag doesn’t mean I have to be one. Its people like you that rape the system asking for handouts. I’m tired of paying for lazy fucks like you. Its people like you that make glad I never got pregnant.

  15. Wow he lost traction while shifting gears and like a dumbass stayed in the gas. All he had to do was let out of the gas and he would’ve been fine

  16. Super video. Thanks. But those two dumb ass dip shit heads, a whole other story. How stupid can you get. I tell my self all the time I’ve see it all, but obviously not. Wow.

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