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Edgar Has the Worst Birthday Ever – Gansta Style Mom WTF


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  1. The person recording isn’t his mom. Somewhere during the middle he says „maa me quieren empujar en el pastel“ which menas mom they want to push me in the cake. The person recording is most likely his sister. HOLLAAA!!!

  2. This is not funny. @Bitch (Edgars „Mom“): Do you think your son will ever help you, when youre old and cant go to the toilet alone anymore?
    I wish the best to this poor guy. And the worst to his mom.

  3. „Hello Edgar my name is Mr. Smith i’m with child services, i understand you are going through a difficult time right now but i want you to feel as comfortable as possible at this time, we have placed you with a very wealthy family who will love and take care for you and will not cuss or hit you … HOLLAH!“

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