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Weird Tim Burton at Walt Disney Animation Studio in 1980


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  1. For some reason I’m obsessed with this video…something about the Disney guys being such douches. Plus the way the guy says ‚Hi Tim! This is Tim Burton‘ but it being a total non-event. I don’t know…just goes to show this sort of video is invaluable.

  2. For some reason I’m obsessed with this video…something about the Disney guys being such douches. Plus the way the guy says ‚Hi Tim! This is Tim Burton‘ but it being a total non-event. I don’t know…just goes to show this sort of video is invaluable.

  3. @AirmetalDrummer Nightmare Before Christmas was directed by Henry Selick, not Tim Burton. And Everybody knows that his version of Charlie and the Chocolate factory is better than the previous film (I won’t say the original, burton’s movie was a new version of roald dahl’s book). In fact, Roald Dahl himself was dissatisfied with Willy Wonka… No wonder, since it’s a total missreading of the book…

  4. @AirmetalDrummer He was not trying to out-do Gene Wilder. The version of Willy Wonka he made was more closer to the book than the original. It was a very dark children’s book and I think he shot it perfect in relation to the book. I’m guessing you never saw the original Batman, with Jack Nicholson, do you think that was a shitty movie?

  5. @GonzoGoesToBitburg87 Tim Burton co-wrote Nightmare Before Christmas and it’s basically called Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas and he has never said that he didn’t want it that way.

    Dahl was upset about Willy Wonka because he thought it put too much emphasis on Willy Wonka and not Charlie. You have to change books to make it work with the actors. They changed it because Gene Wilder is brilliant and MADE that movie so good. Dahl was lazy and missed deadlines so he has to deal with it.

  6. @missionaryman69 That’s like comparing apples to dinosaurs. Of course I saw the original batman and at the time it was really good. I still like it for nostalgia reasons. When you re-do a movie, you always step on someone’s performance. Tim Burton even said he re-did the movie because he didn’t like the original. Everything about Tim Burton’s Willy Wonka was over-the-top. It was just a movie to try and get more money. Everything in it is absolute garbage.

  7. @AirmetalDrummer To me, Tim Burton is a talented artist even though I don’t really like his work, neither I consider him a genius.Everything you say is subjective and a matter of opinion, you can’t prove that Tim Burton is a mediocre mind in matter of cinema, many people will disagree. I’m sure he managed to do something remarkable when he succeeded in creating his own distinctive style, and I can assure you that this is a hard thing.And due to his talent he’ll be remember by future generations

  8. @AirmetalDrummer I don’t like „Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory“, I’ve never really liked that movie not even when I was a kid. I considered both the book and the movie (the old version) a piece of shit… But that’s a matter of taste, my friend.

  9. @YeshAyn I’m not trying to „prove.“ anything. It is very obvious that this is my opinion. Apparently a lot of other people agree otherwise I wouldn’t be voted up. That just mean that it is an opinion shared by many others. But it is still just an opinion. If someone likes him that’s fine. That is how I feel about his work though.

  10. @AirmetalDrummer It’s kind of interesting to see how many thumbs up you received here, Tim Burton has many admirers and they were supposed to be here in a great number. Anyway, that’s it, you said everything now.

  11. @leetalityv2 sorry, what i meant to say is that he *looked* kind of autistic, this just meaning that he showed some of the social, um, awkwardness? I’m not making a judgement. I just find it kind of interesting to see what he was like when in my mind i had this vision of a jolly, happy go luck guy that everyone admired and such. make more sense?

  12. what you didn’t see is he was sleeping before he came in, tim always said he knew how to sleep while holding his pencil and eyes open. thats why he was quiet, because he just woke up lol

  13. I really don’t know what everyone’s talking about, they were being pretty cool considering how awkward he was being, what should they have done, gave him a big hug? They said hi and he just looked at them like they had 10 heads then went back to his drawing, he didn’t even say bye, I’m not saying he’s an asshole, he had sleep issues and depression or whatever, but I don’t know why everyone’s saying they were jerks and bullying him.

  14. This. They weren’t being an asshole to him. Tim could’ve said hello or goodbye. Being polite. If he had and they had still been like that THEN maybe.

  15. Exactly my point, if you read all the comments here the majority of people here seam to feel the need to defend Burton and call those guys down but I don’t know how they feel they should of treated him. It’s very hard to be respectful to someone who just gives you a weird look then pretends you don’t exist and they still did a decent job of it.

  16. They seemed a bit sarcasti was all but I get your point. The way the said „Tim you have such talent“ threw me off a bit. It sounded kind of harsh but we honestly don’t know what goes on there right?

  17. the poor guy i think they were being such jerks to him. they didnt even care about his work. well they should take a good look at him now beceause hes probably way more popular then them.

  18. Tin was hi, rigth? That or at least recetly woke up. Why he looks at Randy Cartwrigth like he’s stealing something?

  19. They might’ve poked fun at him a little bit but the Disney guys (especially the young ones) really respected his unique art style. Plus, Tim was a masterful volleyball player and would often beat everyone else.

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