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Handmade Portraits: The Sword Maker


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  1. @jaguar101x smithwata hit the nail on the head. You may have heard of some famous Koto-era swordsmiths, including Masamune and Muramasa. Genuine Koto-era swords are generally considered to be the greatest swords ever created.

  2. its sad how traditions are dying with all of the new technology thats comes out; technology that we dotn need. but we need this, culture without that then everyone will be the same. i realy wish i didnt grow up at this time period but i grew up a long long time ago.

  3. are you a fuckin kidding me?
    do you prefer a medieval double bladed sword or a katana?
    I prefer a katana, because its stronger, its sharper and its better
    日本人と刀を見くびるな! くそったれ! ぶっ殺すぞ!

  4. A katana isnt stronger. Its made to cut and not to be smashed agains heavy plate armor. Its made for different purposes and for that it works perfect. A medieval European sword on its own is perfect for its purpose.

  5. Very true, but think about it in ancient japan soldiers didnt wear heavy plate armor. they mostly wear light armor with a coating of cloth under their armor, so katana’s do have their purposes

  6. This man is doing fantastic work, I hope this video will bring attention to the old traditions, so they may be appreciated by all!

  7. There are Japanese swords with both edges sharpened. However, if you knew anything about the fighting style associated with these swords, you would know that sharpening the trailing edge of the blade would be superfluous and dangerous to the wielder.

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