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Lovely Cute Owl


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  1. Usually people eat the animals they kill… It would be silly to leave the dead animals into the forest or whatever because it’s not at all easy to track them, let alone shoot them so that they die instantly. And I think ‘hunting for fun’, in this case killing or injuring the animals and just leaving them in the forest is usually illegal.

  2. …not where I live we don’t…every crop/livestock farmer I’ve ever met in ~50 years, likes to have them around…I do too…I’m a hunter: I’ve NEVER hunted any raptor…I like them. They are part of my reverence for the forest…and they keep the rodent population in check on my property…as well, they are protected by law…and me.
    Too much tee vee poisons the mind with politico-garbage: “GIGO”!
    …balance that stuff out…

  3. Sometimes animals kill as a pack bonding exercise, others out of boredom and others yet out of pure killer instinct. It’s not that different from many hunters that kill to provide their families with meat, or pick up roadkill to cook…Humans ARE animals and we all have similar instincts. Only some act on them and others repress. Being vegan/vegetarian/fruitarian doesn’t make you ‘better’ than meat eaters. FYI, many animals kill for fun. Only they don’t use high powered rifles.

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