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Raise Your Vibrational Frequency to Higher Consciousness and Heal – YouTube


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  1. Before String theory came in town with its extra-dimensions and vibrating strings with different frequensies.-
    There was no new-age religions talking about extra-dimensional entities and awakening to the higher consciousness like in this movie.

    Now its all around the web.

    This is molestation and rape of science.
    Go back to sleep

  2. they dont not exist. till someone proves they dont exist. i think ur an idiot with an invalid argument. an your obviously asleep to the creator within yourself. meditate. get over your ego an jus let it go. stop giving a fck about whose right or wrong. only concern urself with what feels right within urself. we dont need to read your negativity or skepticism. keep your doubts to yourself. no one cares to argue with an atheist about a divine presence. so jus shut it and enjoy ur life while u can.

  3. @nadoeloiskat The idea of a higher consciousness and extra dimensions has been around for a very long time. If you were to travel to some ancient sights around the world you will clearly see such an idea carved into solid rock… you should go have a look for yourself and ask questions once you are there. I did not think much of things like this until after my travels…

  4. Your mind read your _“ PASS-WORD“ and the „Artificial Telepathy“ users (USULY ARE PEOPLE THAT WORK IN SECURITY and CONTROL-ROOM (Israeli’s people that work in SHIN-BEIT and MODIYIN) -record thoughts and read it! I’m right now -this moment reading my pass-words and some1 in upper floor can read my PASS-WORD using „Artificial Telepathy“ mimicking what ever I do! Watch out for the „SHIN-BEIT“ – „MODIYIN“ and „MOSSAD“ – (Israeli-Army) They are Jews and Arabs mixed

  5. I feel that most people who call themselves atheists are at least trying to think for themselves and often are way smarter than most, but to a born-again Christian this video threatens everything they are or rather aren’t, which is only the complete mindless compulsion to deny themselves or „God“ whenever their is the slightest threat to their ignorance, like a reverse jedi they are perfectly sensitive to the threat of truth even if its on the other end of the galaxy…hardest truth must be said

  6. Please visit my channel for the unpopular truth about homosexuality.

    A person does not need hatred or any kind of phobia in order to acknowledge important differences between heterosexuality and homosexuality. Even non-religious people know this.

    The homosexual agenda is not good for anyone, including those who consider themselves „gay“.

    Homosexual activists, with support from the media, have successfully framed themselves as noble victims; it’s an effective way to push a social agenda.

  7. beautiful……I have written my own short book…Now i need to connect with someone to help get it out there….service …helping others…can you help? please contact me if you feel the call…

  8. Ok. I understand. I’m not a physicist but I do understand a little(very little) about the particle smasher, if that is in line with trying to prove his theory accurate. I related your post to a spiritual nature. That is my fault and my apologies. Have a good day.

  9. Then why did you reply. Let me help you; Because you felt compelled to defend yourself. So would that be a sign of „overly-defensive“ as you put it? As I’ve stated to someone else, after this post you may have the last word, because I know you are one of types as well. Have a great day. Now juuuust bbrrrreeeeathe.

  10. no let me help you „just another angry black man“ was a racist thing to say. his saying white people have no souls came exactly from statements such as this. go get yourself some enlightenment.

  11. Last night, while i was in the deepest bliss of my meditation, a friend asked me if i’d like a song to listen. As i opened my eyes, i came across with this video amongst other songs in my list.

    I asked if he can just play this one. And I was shocked after seeing the whole video.

    Egg of life, flower of life, creation, earth, spirit, literally all the symbols presented here were the symbols that i was seeing in my meditative state.

    Bravo ! thanks, and espavo.

  12. there is no racism there. calling black ppl black isnt racism cus they are fucking black, its the truth. you are just to dumb to understand it and chose to act like the other idiots expect from you. cus if they wouldnt accept you, your little world would end.

  13. „just another angry black man“ is racist to say and if you don’t see that then you need to raise your vibrational frequency…

  14. ye, you must be a racist to recognize a racism in that sentence. see, when i see stuff like that I dont always think of the worst possible meaning of it. keep on answering shit like that and i will become an angry black man! xD

  15. he wasn’t black anyways, and it is indeed racist making such assumptions like all black men are angry. if you are angry, you are responsible for your own emotions.

  16. Hi there Hijetala! Might I suggest that you check out the entire history of comments relating to this particular topic before you jump in at the wrong end of the pool and start arguments with the wrong people. Unless of course you have a dog in this fight ie.mindopnr?

  17. i did read all the related comments ^^ just dont like ppl who turn all at racism. even if Maron Laron was a racist there, he wasnts racist to mindopnr, so not his thing to deal with. anyway, this is my last comment here, enjoy whatever you are doing at this time.

  18. More Satanic deception! Anyone with true faith in Christ will see this evill for what it is and the forces behind this deception will bow to Christ before being thrown into the lake of fire.The star in this video is an ocult symbol and is the footprint of Baphomet.

  19. Maybe if you had better experience you’d know this is pure love without faith of fear. Let go of the tangible mass of your mind, it is only an illusion. Guilt is gods silent weapon. Let go.

  20. thnx for sharing. Naad Yoga or science of cymatics is the best way to raise vibrations. we are all vibrations and have the immense potential to raise the frequency and transmute sound into powerful light to connect with the pillar of light that we are. i am saying all this with the powerful experience that my master dr pradeep ullal, the spiritual scientist and himalayan yogi gave me. he is the most sought after naad yogi in the world at the moment and transmits shaktipat and elevates aspirants

  21. hi!
    i realy want these imagines! if you can, pls upload somewhere on the net.
    by the way: it cant help to you. only you can change something out or inner.

  22. Nonsense!Only goodness (if one has Christ in them) can spot evil for what it is.The rest are deceived.People,there is still time to turn to Jesus Christ and accept him as your saviour before it’s too late.Run from this occult evil.Satan was a liar from the begining.

  23. No, you are only deceiving yourself. You see love and truth when you accept that for yourself. Satan is only where you believe him to be. There is still time to accept that there are other religions out there just as valid as Christianity.

  24. Its not nonsense. I always knew that I had a inner energy or could say a power within myself. I was not raised in religious home. Meaning I didnt have others opinions forced upon me. I first memory of this special inner power was at age 11. I am very slowly learning to control or tap into this. The times that I have been able to I have been able to instantly take away others pain with my hands. I am not B. S you.

  25. „There is still time to accept that there are other religions out there just as valid as Christianity.“
    John 14:6
    „Jesus answered, „I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.“
    There is only one way as decribed above.

  26. Prior Lake had the most interesting thing (before the snow fall)……….electrical cables along side cty 42 in the shape of the infinity symbol. Lots of good energy there (in that city and on the res).

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