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Trackmania Nations Forever – Phantom Fake (Only Press Forward) Rrack by „ptitnono“


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  1. There were so many awesome moments in that video that I’m going to have to make repeat visits and comment about one each time.
    The part where it flipped up and then tapped the roof to change angles rocked, for example.

  2. I love how at the beginning it looks like you drove into a tree… Also, I wonder how hard it’d be to win without pressing forward [like, you could press forward, but not constantly]?

  3. And I though ppl that play minecraft had no life!!!! How the fuk someone build a track like that??? trackmania developers should hire the dude without thinking twice!!

  4. Try it with the steering wheel app for android.
    Just search for steering wheel in Google Play, it´s called „Steering Wheel for PC games“

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