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Project Black Mirror: Siri Controlled By Brain Waves


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  1. @jdmmade Not to mention, speech is a very complex motor skill and EEG is not even designed to capture motor skills from the brain, but rather the exchange of hydrogen ions in nervous tissues. Even in diagnostic cases by experts neurologists, there are no specific waveforms they look for. To the video authors: it’s EEG electrodes, not ECG you damn idiots. Nice touch with the matrix scroll and the flashing lights.

  2. not my field of study so I can’t say fake or real w/ certainty but I hope it’s real! and some of you ignorant haters saying „fake!“ and dismissing it, think back to how it was BEFORE certain technology we take for granted today looked like black magic years and years ago.. it’s you douchebags that halt progress and burn people for their ideas..

  3. @SimplyPwnage Nah, you need massive and expensive equipments, and even with those stuffs you can only scan a few basic image of the ‚brain wave‘ but you can NEVER do that with just a piece of cheap circuit board like in this gay video.

  4. @19noble94 the iPhone 4S mic is already positioned near the speaker with the recorded voice command played on the computer. Even a 10 year old can do a simple trick like this fake gay video

  5. @aapp81 dude, you really are as stupid as a stupid can get. Do you think anyone with evidence to prove this as ‚fake‘ must be hater?

    This is not a justin beaver or Rebecca black video, so why do you think there are ‚haters‘ here?

    Do you think we are ignorant if we are interested in the truth? look at the comments made by the specialists here who knows about circuit and wiring. That shit is not even hooked up properly and the computer is running a fake MATRIX loading animation.



    Cientists spend years studying brainwaves… and those „nobody“ fellas make it look like stealing a kid’s candy.

    Also, you seem to have plenty of iPhone 4S, good cellphones, and probably have good cameras. All of them are capable of 1080p. Then why this video sucks?

    You made a lot of eye-candy and distractions. Like those blinking LEDs. Codes scrolling on the screen. But you won’t catch me with that.

    Thumbs up, so everyone can see the truth!

  7. i can this has a writing which state FAKE all over it only by one statement you presented in the description [funding to kickstart your business]
    if you need a funding for a project you just started you simply never ever post it on a youtube account and ask for it.

    you go to a certified business consultant and review for your invention for potential funding, if you didnt even think about approaching business for this thing it must be fake and the development time is unreal considering the time.

  8. FAKE

    The chip their using (A6732i) is completty unmanaged. It impossible to connect a custom general siri commander device to a iPhone: it not jailbroken. For example: other companies tried to use that same technology and fail. EVEN DEV TEAM TRIED AND FAILED. Dev team is WAY BETTER than these guys. So, that fake.

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  10. lol all you guys arguing that it’s gay BECUZ it’s fake – you had to look it up, so at least for a moment (and for most ppl at least for 2 moments) the illusion was perfect. So this one is a nice hoax 🙂

  11. Yeah, real convincing, except for it’s an obvious sign that it’s fake from just looking at the circuit board, you’ve have placed the Speech Synthesis chip onto the breadboard sideways! Totally nonoperational and complete bullshit.

  12. If you don’t have an iPhone 4S, but still want to pose spoken questions to your device and let her speak out the answer, give ‚Voice Ask‘ a try. The knowledge base behind it is huge (better than Siri) and the voice recognition works better with all accents. Work is going on to add integrated functionality that Siri offers, but for now, it’s a great app that knows details on the strangest of subjects. Get it at

  13. to be honest this would’int be too hard to do, all you do is need the equipment, some basic research and a lot of time for trial and error.

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  16. I’m referring to the brainwave detection technology itself, not the video. This could very well be a hoax I don’t care but the technology they are referring too has been around for a while

  17. 【】いきなりの書き込み失礼致します。私の諸事情によりどなた様かお金をお受け取りになって下さいます方いらっしゃいませんか?どなた様でも構いません…こちらの【】リンクか又は、youtube内動画検索にて『 よふさ 』で検索して頂きますと、最短で30分程でお受け取り可能となってます…

  18. who ever is doing this test I hope you read this, when some one looks in to a mirror, the one thing they are seeing in there own eyes is the engery that is inside of them, that we call the soul. that is why when we frist started seeing our own self, that we feel odd. all things on earth is us even the engery in lighting and in all things is our soul.

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  22. imagine Siri stealing all your thoughts and sending your thoughts to the government/hackers/wife(did you just stare at that woman?)

  23. A human brain processes hundreds of thousands of thoughts per second and they built a program that realizes „who do you want to call?“

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