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Dog And Parrot Talking About Food – Cute Animals


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  1. がつがつ食べるんじゃなくて、一本ずつツマミ食いをするのが美味しいんだよねw

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  3. thats why they have humane societies…the pound…rescue shelters across the u.s. like crazy. theres a potential that cuz u didnt adopt & save an animals life…thats 1 more dog that is gonna be uthenized. homeless pets in america outnumber humans 5to1. theres also a slew of animals nationwide that are abused/neglected. sooo many ppl decide to have animals & dont consider em as children…have em & when they decide they dont/cant have em anymore they toss em aside…its literally an epidemic.

  4. They can. . . people feed their children all the time. People feed other people’s children as well, we in the working class call this D-A-Y C-A-R-E; all in fun of course :0)

  5. I know but what I mean is, people of different ethnic background, religion, and skin color. Not adults with children.

  6. but if the dog is stealing the bird’s noodle…
    I mean.. the parrot could just stay beside the pot and eat slowly right? But it didn’t. It took the noodle and went back the where the dog is every single time to share it with the dog. So the dog is not stealing :))

  7. At the end, I really think the Cockatoo is trying to work out how he can give the dog the whole pan !! Only cos it’s too heavy he does,nt do it. Brilliant film. Thanks.

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