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Best Door To Door Salesman Ever


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  1. @PhoenixQuill I agree. I was describing an essential feature of sales situations. I wasn’t saying I don’t like the subset of sales situations where someone is trying to get something from you, even if you read it like that.

  2. @Chikoha You don’t get it. It doesn’t matter how good the product is. Without this kind of salesman, it’s really hard to sell stuff like this door to door. Most people wouldn’t hear about this stuff because they just visit their local supermarket for cleaning products. Because of this guy and this video, more than 150k ppl know about it now. Hence: that product ain’t shit without that guy.

  3. I hope a businessman will see this and contact him, because he deserves it! Please, give him something like the homeless man with the golden voice. This is why we have Youtube. To discover talent and share it!

    Contact him! Give him a great job or something!

  4. @Imperceivable Its a cat that so happens to be the best hunter around. She’s actually creeping to catch something that’s why it looks so odd. Its all good if you like to find dead mice and birds everywhere. eeekkk!!

  5. wow this guy is funny! I want to buy it just because and as far as Magerhein… that’s the number 1 thing that a lot of salesmen don’t do… they don’t say buy it. and that’s the main reason someone doesn’t buy it.

  6. I can’t stop watching this.
    I’m pretty sure he’ll end up on TV, this guy is epic!

    You should’ve paid him all of his studies and be his manager. You can make money off of that guy!

  7. Is nearly close to two years ago, does anybody knows what he is doing for now?
    Don’t want to think he still selling door to door. Definitely should be some great opportunities opened for him during this time.

  8. Classic case of present day America.

    Kenny – the entrepreneurial spirit who goes out on his own, all risk on himself. He can win or he lose a whole day of time and effort if he fails.

    stewysew99 – the IRS agent (aka big gov’t), not creative nor bold enough to do what Kenny does, so judges him while trying to find a way to rides his coattails to garner attention, and later on – try to reap from his reward (tax).

  9. Yo man. I’m a real estate broker, and I don’t suck. I sell also, and in grand fashion. I just don’t like how the kid talks that’s it. Nothing wrong with his hustle. I just don’t care for the jokes at the cost of his pride. You see it as satirical, I see it differently. I see a guy playing up to Black sterotypes to gain the confidence of a pair of white people who may not want a guy like him standing at their front door. Question is, are they laughing WITH him or AT him?

  10. @lisajordan333 Nope. They own the brand of the cleaner, but so do the companies of each of their clothing, door handles, plastic cups, etc. Just because a product appears in the video doesn’t mean they are owners of the video or have any right to take it down. The sales pitch is property of the person who is doing it, not the company he represents and he gave consent for the video to be posted on YouTube. With consent from the salesman, any sales pitch can be taped and distributed freely.

  11. „once again, no release was signed, nor written permission was given by Us. Mr. Brooks represents our product ,Trust us on this, Our Attorney is very top notch. 🙂

    mywondercleaner com“


    Whatever phenomenal PR Mr. Brooks did for your company, you guys undid with 1 post. Well done sirs, well done.

  12. @AlejandroRoggio lol I beg to differ. I just purchased the product from mywondercleaner com and i followed up with a phone call. They informed me that internet sales has been through the roof. All they are interested in that people have a way to get through to Kenny directly instead of going through whomever made this video.

  13. Sure he cracked a xouple of funnies. If he was this persistant on my door step I’d run him off with a shot gun, he’s a freakin clown that is getting 5 minutes in the spotlight.

  14. I’m not sure if it’s the same guy or not, but i had someone similar come to my house and do the same thing. He totally sold me and i bought a bottle of his cleaner.

  15. Whoa-someone jus‘ shared this video on my fb page about 4 nights ago and lo and behold,he just left my driveway! He’s here on Oahu this week and yes,he’s just as how you see it in the vid! He didn’t have to do his pitch,I was already sold! Thanks Kenny! Aloha!

  16. I’m in uk, and we don’t get the chance to take up the HBO special. But what I want to know is … Does that stuff work. ??

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