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Space Station Reboost: The Inside Story


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  1. I think a scientist shouting „PHYSICS“ while floating in a space station is a confirmation of everything good about human achievement.

  2. „Wow Wow Wooooow“ – he sounded so unenthusiastic and monotone… If it were me I’d be busting a nut straight out of the top of my head from parietal!

  3. They’re not in zero-G and they’re not moving backwards. The space station is accelerating forwards (non-zero-G) while they stay still. Its akin to being on roller skates in train when the train starts moving – you stay still, the train moves.

  4. This is a real demonstration of a noninertial frame where Newton’s first law failed to hold: there is no force and they got accleration.
    Absolutely fantastic!

  5. Nothing went wrong here. Mike Fossum is an outstanding space walker and a great pilot. His Christian belief had no bearing on his ability to perform the jobs required of him during his tenure on the space station, and he performed them well. Perhaps you can present a logical explanation of why you think ’something went wrong‘ with a Christian being in space…

  6. This is a bit late, I know, but the socks are for a few reasons. One, they keep things kind of cool on the station due to all the computers, electrical equipment, and the sun minus 200 miles of earth’s atmosphere heating things up. Also, there are velcro strips on the floor in various places where the socks will grab on and the astronauts can hold themselves in place, if need be. Also it keeps skin from clogging the air system.

    There is the issue of recoil for sure. In space, there’s no way to keep the railgun from firing itself backwards, unless you put rockets on the railgun to compensate, but if you’re going to do that, you might as well have the rockets on the spaceship. Mass drivers, are, however a possibility for firing craft into orbit from the surface, especially from bodies such as the moon. The trick though for human space flight is having a safe acceleration, which such railguns may lack.

  8. @FIGHTTHECABLE ‚Fraid it’s a simple matter of KE=0.5mv^2. It doesn’t matter how you accelerate an object, you still need the same amount of energy to so. Bigger object or faster speed means more energy.
    And using magnets to accelerate the spacecraft wouldn’t get around the recoil issue – that’s Newton’s third law.

  9. @Scintillations314 Well how about it’s mountet on a magnetic levitation rail. This means no friction. And the rail would only go for a certain distance, until the rail has reached light speed. And the Rail is in Space, so no gravity. Aswell, to guide the Spacecraft through space, there would be additional boosters. Who say’s it need a lot of energy? LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) in pulses can move obstactles. Been shown in tests and is scientifically proven.

  10. At first I was like „Meh, so slow.“ Then I realized how spooky it is that the small tin can you live in is moving while you stand still in space… WHY THAT IS AWESOME?! Then neglecting the orbiting speed.

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