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Lana Del Rey – Video Games


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  1. If she was an equally talented, hot young guy – no one would question whether it was real talent or not, nor bitch about the looks!
    She’s got a mesmerising voice and it’s a stunning track!

  2. Frankly, I couldn’t care less if she’s had every part of her body surgically altered, her Dad’s a serial killer, she slept with the entire record company to get a deal or is a pole dancer in her spare time. This song is stunningly beautiful and haunting and she has an exceptional voice – nothing else matters.

  3. @cd1234q I just told you what I admire about her you retard. She’s sexy and inspirational with emotional music. Maybe she is a puppet for Producers but her music is enjoyably melancholy. And that’s what matters; not that she sold out to get famous. Oh and by the way great way to end your comment ‚I could go on……‘. Just shows that you ran out of things to judge her about. You obviously know what you’re talking about when you come up with 2 critical comments about a so called ’sell out‘.

  4. @df1985 yeah man, I listin also mostly house, but you can’t deny that this is a great song. Ey man, if you’re a house fan you should check out this songs:

    Sebastian Ingrosso – Calling
    Fedle le grand- So much love
    Avicii – Fade into darkness
    Marcus Moschow – Swedish Nights
    Afrojack – The Way We See The World.

    A free gift from me to you, just because this song is too great. Cheers (Y)

    ps: if you think those songs were great, check out my playlist on my channel (Y)

  5. @luver115 it’s true i think! but do you think this song or video is dictating to an impresionable mind something harmfull that he or she would then go on to emulate? Myself im just struck by the beauty of the song. It reminds me of how deeply in love i was once and am now too reminds me exactly of that feeling of abandon when right and wrong and reasonable thought get lost or at least blurred in the feeling of loving someone beyond comprehension. It reminds me of that hazy summer.

  6. there is no way that amazing voice comes from that girl, who in my opinion looks like she is some 16/17 year old mouthing to a song, harsh but its just my initial reaction

  7. a girlie with no worries, cuz the benjamins be taking very good care of her

    You’re a rich girl, and you’ve gone to far, cuz you know it don’t matter anyway, cuz you can rely on your old man’s money, you can rely on your old man’s money.

  8. god people stop going on about the girl’s lips, its whats coming out of them thats amazing!! your mean comments wont change the fact that she has an incredible voice and is gonna go really far!! so hush up and enjoy the music 🙂

  9. What a haunting, melancholy, beautiful song. I love the aesthetic of the video & I think Lana Del Rey has a super beautiful voice. Really looking forward to a full length album!

  10. @honeypie15100 i think you’ll find that meaning perfectly fits the way in which I used the word irony. @cd1234q insulted another persons inability to spell & speak correct English, and in that very same sentence made his own spelling errors, („i don’t understand you’re shit english!“). Here, you find situational irony. I don’t usually reply to people, but since you just said I was embarrassing myself (when actually, I’m perfectly correct) I thought I’d be a little bit naughty and intervene 🙂

  11. @SimtekProductions She´s not. She´s hot. Natural beauty. Strong and gifted. If you see someone as plastic, just remember plain psychology: You spot it, you´ve got it.

  12. Endlich mal wieder eine tolle Frau mit einem sehr schönen Lied. Davon kann sich Lady Gaga den ganzen Kuchen mal abschneiden. Kann ich echt nicht verstehen, wie eine solche Mülltonne so erfolgreich ist??!! Naja, die Welt geht eben den Bach runter!

  13. Some people say her music is depressing, but it’s mostly mellow. There’s a big difference between the two. There isn’t even anything negative or depressing in the lyrics; the music is serious and slow, and her singing is deliberate and controlled.

  14. How can ppl say this is depressing and still like Adele? That lady made of living because of her derpressing love life. Lana sings from her point of view unlike other singers. For ex. Katy Perry sang „Teenage Dream“ while she is no longer a teenager when she recorded that. And Madonna……. she calls herself a girl on her new record while shes like 50. So yeah i choose this mellow gorgeous song over one where the singers need to double check their age.

  15. There’s so many things wrong with this. Number one, *you’re.
    And oh boy, it’s *Rey. Not Ray. Are people still making this mistake ?

  16. Haha whenever someone says the words „video games“, this is all I hear in my head, and I have to go listen to it. =)

  17. Video Games on Lanadelrey’s channel = 50m views
    Video Games on Lanadelreyvevo’s channel = 33m views
    Video Games = 83m views.

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