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Dumb Family Gets Lost in Corn Maze, Calls 911


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  1. It’s a corn maze. Not a STONE LABYRINTH. If you can’t find your way out, you make your way out by going through the corn stalks. These people are losers. Number 1: why the fuck would you have your 3 week old baby out there in the first place? Stupid.

  2. Stupid family taking a 3 week old baby to such a thing. So embarrassing and so dumb!

    But there probably is a good ending to this: I bet this corn maze getting free publicity like this boosts the amount of people showing up this year.

  3. So the police dog went in to find them and show them the way out, it would have taken them 2 minutes if the police officer hadn’t kept tugging the dog the wrong way.

  4. @SparklyDeath Sir…you are smart.
    That’s more than likely.
    I remember working in a bowling alley and a family asking me for ball sizes. I told them the numbers they should use and they used smaller ones just to get cut and then sue the bowling alley.
    People are pathetic…and rather dumb.

  5. What a dumb ass, now think about her circumstance, she’s a dimwit and what’s the next generation of off springs going to be like? OMG, What an idiot, you can peel the corn away and walk through the stocks if you want to say screw it. Oh Jesus is this why you all voted for the current governor? Bite your lip and grin, the future looks grim.

  6. i went through a corn maze once. it was for a field trip and i was supposed to lead. due to my crappy sense of direction we found checkpoint 11 and 12 before we found 6 and 7. we came out first but at the wrong exit XD we still ended up winning though 🙂

  7. They should add a sign at the entrance of the maze “ An IQ of atleast 50 is required to enter this maze“, I read they story, it said they could see the lights of the building at the edge of the maze….. yet these idiots lacked the intelligence to walk down a row of corn toward the lights. I say leave them there as fertilizer for next years corn maze.

  8. Some of the stupidest motherfuckers on this planet. They’re so fucking lazy they can’t just find a way out of the goddamn maze. So weak, they cry real-life tears like bitches about being made to walk. And then there’s the fact that these dumb fucks actually took a 3-week-old baby in there… What the fuck is wrong with these people?

    Oh, and the fact that these people actually made a website about it called CivilWarCornMaze… Corn mazes = SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS, huh? Fucking weak gimps.

  9. @MissAwesomeness003 some people on here are calling them morons but when you have little ones with you you would worry its not like having a birds eye view to see your way out there out of order and shudnt sware on here

  10. awesome so if i cant open my bottle i cn call 911 to then?

    such crap they panic for no reason its freakin corn
    just keep walking 1 way and sooner or later youre out of it what is the worse that can happen some corn in your pants? well save it thn you can make some popcorn at home 😉

  11. Why not walk straight forward with no turns? You will eventually end up at the sides where you can get yourself out :/ I mean it’s a freaking corn field, not a brick wall…

  12. 25 feet? bs your an idiot what stupidity…complete stupidity! unbelievable. I weep for humnity…epic fail. im inclined to go and think what humanity has come to at this point.

  13. pfft, really? I got lost in a corn field once and I was in a completely different state then where I lived and I managed to get out fine. I was probably 15 at the time.

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