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Amazing Slackline Skills


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  1. @RASandoval77 which requires team work. And aside from throwing the ball through a hoop, you have to play according to your position. If you are a center you play a certain style oppose to a gaurd where they have different resposibilities and roles. Theres also dribbling, boxing out, learning how to assist and what not. Thousands more – all the characteristic of a real sport. This what you are watching is equivalent to playing marbles in a sandbox

  2. check out gibbonslacklines online, get a line, find to trees and rage…. it’s easier than it looks, just take some time but within a week you can do some trick for sure! Check out also Frankie Najera’s Channel on youtube called „Trick in a minute“ Cheers, Phil

  3. Go with the Classic Line! But if ou intend to do tricks soon, go with the Jibline! Maybe not as easy on the first 2 days compared to the Classic but later on much better for jumping and bouncing!

  4. Go with the Jibline or Surfline, depending on how long line you want! Im using the Jibline atm but want a longer one, soo I will buy the Surfline soon! Dont go with the classic, sometime you want to start jump and the classic sucks at it! Plus its more nice to walk on the jibline if you ask me! 😉

  5. This is amazing!! As a bboy (break dancer) I have tons of respect for this sport. I love the how all the competitors are so supportive of each other.

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