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Twenty five movies to watch while high

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to take some of the more lively discussion topics and turn them into condensed list-like articles. I hate doing normal top 10 lists and I generally dislike most top 10 (or whatever) lists, but part of my reasoning for doing the daily discussions in the first place was mainly just the fun of discussion, but also for creating a more user-generated type list.

But I also wanted to put a little distance between the original discussion and the final outcome and that gap just kept getting bigger and bigger. But now I’m doing it, and I’m hoping to do one or two of these a week. Okay, enough rambling. These lists are in no particular order except alphabetical and I wasn’t able to use all the responses from the discussion, I just picked 25 that seemed either agreed upon by several people or just seemed to make a good list. Read the original discussion here

via I Heart Chaos — Twenty five movies to watch while high.

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