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Lol Fun with Magnetic Balls


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  1. If that yellow ball at the end is „one of them“, it wouldn’t be rolling so perfectly with the „mechanism“ inside of it…

  2. If they thought about it, they could magnetically filter between the coloured balls and hang them at different heights (momentarily) within the pulse…it wouldn’t take much.

    You could even make a ball / magnet rainbow…

  3. Imagine the lashback from the christians when entire room-fulls of onlookers suddenly started suffering with astigmatism…

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  5. @TheMattmanmm
    1. They can set how strong the magnet is, meaning they set it low enough to get this effect
    2. An electo magnet doesn’t just generate astigmatism all around the room, its a direct, so only directly under the magnet is where it is being generated.

  6. Sadly, it is not real. It was produced by a company called Physalia Studio as a short, titled „Inductance“. The balls are in fact CGI. Just google Physalia Studios and see for yourself.

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