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Always Check The Toilet Twice Before Sitting Down – Toilet Spider Attacks


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  1. It would be nice to know in what region of the world this was taken. I suspect South America since they tend to have the biggest creepy-crawlies. Another odd thing, I googled ‚toilet spider‘ and all the articles are about fake email warnings and urban legend, but those look spiders on the video look pretty big and real to me.

  2. @MmmBepBoo I’d use that furry little fucker to wipe the excess fecal matter from my bunghole. At least tell us what city this was in. If you don’t go there anymore, name the place, city, country. And tell the dude who sounds like a cow in the next stall for a courtesy flush. (my God, I can damn near smell that through the computer!)

  3. Wooow,
    1)There’s a spider ontop of the thingy that you put the paper down on the toilet seat so you don’t get „Germs“
    2)There’s a spider on the side of the toilet.
    3) Theres a HUGE spider underneath the seat.
    WHAT THE FUCK!? what kind of restroom is that!?

  4. Fuck man that is fucked up hah 3 fuckin spiders in there…Lucky me I can hold till I get home no matter where I am except at a friend’s house xD

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