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Escaping from Zip Ties: Breaking Rear


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  1. If they get put on correctly (Palms outward with thumbs toward the back) that little trick will not work – no way to get leverage into the shoulders. If the cops are lazy and put them on wrong this will work.

  2. Or you could go to the gym and actually tone your body to a healthy level so you have the adequate minimum strength that all humans male or female should have.
    If your body is healthy, you can break out of them.
    Maybe you need to stop worrying about how thin you are, and tone a bit.

  3. 1. Actually someone has sent me a link demonstrating how a female may break out of zip ties.
    2.All humans are not healthy, and may not be able to tone at a gym.
    3.How would you know if I am thin or heavy?
    4.I don’t remember asking you any questions, only ITStactical.
    5.Yes it would be nice to tone up and have adequate minimum strength like you said but you may not know this, and that is that I AM FUCKING DISABLED YOU ASSHOLE.
    Go try to help someone else that is healthy jerk

  4. If you’re referring to a method to do this if you’re zip-tied in front of your torso, there’s no need to use your knee. You can simply use your hipbone from the front. There’s videos on that, as well.

  5. then you start the 2nd to last step not mentioned in the video and start screaming, and when you are done with that step you go to the last and get a grip on your self and quietly start to cry in the corner of the room

  6. Why do all these vids show zip ties that are not the size, strength and orientation that the officials use on us? false security at best

  7. Yes, boatloads of context seem to be missing from this clip, like police tensile strength ratings. Electrical cables don’t try to “escape” from standard ties.

  8. I have some doubts whether this technique would work with the standard plastic cuffs used by cops & military. I’ve never seen any organization use this kind of zip tie as handcuffs.

    Still, it’s a good tip that might be useful in a kidnap situation, or if someone besides the cops had restrained you.

    I have managed to “pick” and re-use many electrical ties …. some are easy, some are hard. I don’t know whether “official” plastic cuffs would be susceptible to that.

  9. Many years ago a somewhat liberal acquaintance asked me if I could design a ring or bracelet that would cut plastic handcuffs. It sounded like an interesting thought, so I came up with a couple of designs based on seat-belt cutters …

    Then I happened to remember that this was only going to allow useless hippie pukes to further annoy cops & the public, so I dumped the project and told them it wasn’t practical.

    But it is, though.

  10. I literally came back to this video and searched the comments so I could read this again.

    The mental imagery is fantastic.

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