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Revolights Turn Your Bicycle Into A Tron Bike


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  1. @MLM:​us/​album/​mbira-beat/​id392350180?i=392350198

    @otrell: Sigue el enlace bajo el video de pedal de arranque. Toda la información de pedidos es en la actualidad se encuentra allí.

  2. @fatfarty123 Short Answer: Yes. For more information follow the link above to our kickstarter page. Pre-order and international shipping information can be found there. Thanks for the interest!

  3. In future videos can you show a head on view (so we can see what it would look like coming towards us) or a rear view (so we can see what it looks like as the cyclist would be traveling away from us).
    I can’t wait for these to go into production. I would LOVE to have a set!

  4. @missakerkmann Thanks for the feedback. We’ve got a video of v3 at on our revolights website that shows the older version from the front. We’ll also be posting some picture from the front and rear soon. Hope this helps and thanks again for the request.

  5. I used two Energizer forehead lamps that took like spider eye’s took them out of the holders married them back to back placed them under the pedal rotor then used a switch from the Shack ran it to the handle bars switched the one facing back red one facing front white.

  6. Now do a video of you on the bike, want to see how far it luminates.
    By the looks of the video just infront of the tire and thats not good.
    I have roads with no street lights 🙂

    Congrats on your project, brilliant idea!!

  7. The whole point when reaching a crossroad at night is to be able to spot the crossing vehicle from the light beam that is projected way ahead of it.
    If the light is not projected ahead of the bicycle then crossroads = death.

  8. @BLacKNesMonsTaz Thanks for the feedback. We’ve got a comparison pic on our website, link is provided in the vid info. We intend on providing more pics / vids in the future so please stay tuned! Thanks again

  9. @EscapadesBikeTours Sounds like a great idea, hopefully you can extend some of you tours a little later into the evening all the while allowing your customers/clients to feel safe on the roads

  10. Can you manually change the pulse interval to make the lights appear to stay in place or do they have some sort of automatic system depending on your speed?

  11. Yup, these things will cause you to become even darker when viewed from the front or the back… Making you nigh impossible to see, even more so than would have been possible then before you had installed them!

  12. Fair enough, however not all motorbikes are that loud, especially new bikes, and in my experience people tend to side-swipe or tail-swipe bikes more than anything else. Motorbikes are a lot harder to see from the side and rear than they are from the front, especially in bad weather. I would think having something bright on the wheels would help with visibility. The look is kinda cool, but it’s not much of a draw-card for me, at least not on a motorbike – On a pedal bike, for sure though 🙂

  13. Given the limited battery life(04hr) and no anti-theft deterents incorporated i’ll pass on this cool lighted wheel system until they can improve on the aforementioned flaws.

  14. come on, who wants a bicycle light with 4 hour battery time? Most people in my country (Denmark) have battery free induction powered bicycle lights.

  15. super fresh lights. I love riding my bike. When I take off my pants and girls are telling me how nice my legs are and firm my butt feels, I just thank my bicycle. Grinding up hills on my fixie, in the hot sun really pays off when you have a pair of soft hands caressing every inch of your hard work. What was I sayin…oh yeah, cool lights! Gotta get a set.

  16. I don’t usually ride longer than about 4 hours at night anyway, but it would be cool to have a induction version of these lights. Im just glad I can recharge them via USB, instead of having to buy 9 volts and AAAs like my old lights.

  17. My anti-theft device is my muscular physique, cold dead eyes and the fact that I will bring my bike inside almost any place I go. Ive left stores and shopped elsewhere because some clerk said I cannot bring my bike inside. My bike is worth what they take home in 3 or 4 months and I cannot bring my bike inside for 10 minutes to buy some fruit, FU, I take my bike and money to your competition.

  18. That’s what all smart thinking bicyclist should do when store employees treat customers as such.I however place my security trust in God a quality U-Lock and heavy duty chain lock plus my firearm i carry with me religiously!

  19. These definitely need to be mandatory for bikes using normal car lanes, safety would increase dramatically. Get some innovation diffusion strategies going and get it out there guys! great job!

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